An earworm…

Long long ago, as a young sailor, I worked in little theater with a young lady who later went on to Broadway.  I, needless to say, went in a different direction. We used to listen to this in 1972 when I was giving her rides to and from the theater…

Kinda funny to run across this all these years later…


An earworm… — 5 Comments

  1. I had all of his albums before he died, and still wonder sometimes what else he might have accomplished. (Pointless, I know, but I really liked his music … still do.)

  2. I’m from that locality and used to hang with a neighbor of his. Great songs, great in that even on the lawn at his place it was good to listen.

    Many years later, I worked in one of the office builings near the LIE. I still remember the smoke.

    Good guy, great music.


  3. I remember this one, I was a kid when it came out but it stuck with me into my teen years.

    Then, I ended up listening to Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys when I was in the Navy – yeah, I’m slightly eclectic.