Catch and Release…

From the NRA, the latest installment of Life of Duty…  20 minutes worth your time (in my opinion).

NRA Life of Duty Features Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in “Catch and Release” Documentary
FAIRFAX, VA – The National Rifle Association (NRA) is pleased to release the latest documentary for the NRA Life of Duty online network, presented by Brownells.
This Patriot Profile, brought to you by Smith & Wesson, shares the frightening story of Michael Northway and Matt Spink, two Spokane (Wash.) County deputies who were shot in the line of duty by a felon who was, once again, back on the street.
With more than 18 felony convictions ranging from drugs to robbery, assault to weapons charges, Charles Wallace was released into an outpatient drug-treatment facility over the objection of law enforcement and the U.S. District Attorney.
On June 19, 2012, Wallace stepped out of a vehicle and began shooting at deputies, during rush hour, on a neighborhood street directly across from a shopping center. Hit by bullets, Northway and Spink were caught completely off guard, and Wallace fled on foot to the home of a woman in her 80s and assaulted her before stealing her car. With a manhunt under way, Wallace later shot at another officer who was only a few feet away but, miraculously, missed.
Overwhelmed and underfunded law enforcement officers continue to face the same criminals over and over again, let down by a system some refer to as “Catch and Release.” Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich allowed NRA Life of Duty TV almost unfettered access so it could reveal how the Charles Wallace incident highlights the dangers of the practice, which increases criminal behavior and endangers everyone. See “Catch and Release,” the story as told by those who lived it, and many others, at:

This is a continuing problem, and seems to be getting worse.  I don’t remember this happening when I was growing up. You got caught, you went to jail until trial and went to jail.  Period, end of subject.  Now it seems as if Judges do what they want to ‘relieve’ overcrowding, rather than get more jails in place… Sigh…


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  1. You know, one thing has always bugged me. They have all those Military Bases that keep getting closed down. But they have Barracks, Chow Halls, a Fenced perimeter, etc. Why don’t they take that Property, convert it over to Minimum Security Prisons for all the White Collar Criminals, the Check Frauds Guys, etc. and use they Main Prisons and Jails for the Hardcore Thugs? That would address the Over-Crowding concerns of the Liberal Judges and keep the Streets safer. And since the bases were paid for by our Tax Dollars, We, the People could still get a benefit from them instead of them being sold off to some Crony Developer for 2 cents on the Dollar, like Nancy Pelosi’s Husband.

  2. Far too sensible, cheap, and easy and not near enough possibilities to shift profits towards polititians’ cronies.

  3. Far too often, the problem is actually that some federal judge has ordered a local jurisdiction to reduce crowding, and the local authorities’ hands are tied.

  4. To be fair, judges have no ability to order a state or local government to build a prison.

    We’ve got enough prisons in this country already, probably too many. What we can do is work to ensure that the people who should be there are in stir, and end this stupid “War on Drugs” that has put thousands upon thousands of people in jail for what is essentially a morals beef.

  5. It’s a damn shame the powers just don’t reach out and tap all vets on the shoulders and say, ‘You now have a license to put these pigs down.’ Problem solved.

  6. Agree with Comrade Misfit, lets stop putting perfectly productive people in jail for possessing an ounce of marijuana, and lock up the truly bad guys. Change the law to if you commit a crime with a gun you get locked up until you are too old to hold a gun again.

  7. Les- Oh man, you would ‘deprive’ all those poor developers JUST to benefit us? How could you ‘possibly’ think that… And yes I agree 100%!

    Anon- Good point

    Rev- Yep

    CM- Your point is ‘semi-valid’, however those dealers DO still need to be there.

    Stephen- LOVE it!

    Chip- THAT I can agree with.

  8. Some people expect government to ‘protect them” And there is catch and release. Britain is much worse, if people want to see a judicial system that is really screwed up. go check out the English system. and the same government that wants to take my guns away and rely on the cops for protection kick criminals out on an unsuspecting public.