Well dang…

Went in to get a haircut, and found out my favorite barber has retired…

Turns out she’d been at the BOQ for 30 years (I swear she didn’t look a day over 40)…

But her daughter has taken over and she’s as good as her mama was, and as popular too!  But as she said, her Engrish no good, so it was point and click for the haircut!  Actually a numba 7 on top and a numba 3 on the sides, per the pictures on the wall…

And it actually came out that way, and she promised to get better with her Engrish (or at least that is what I ‘think’ she said)…

In other news, things are a ‘tad’ touchy out this way with the BS still flowing from PRNK, and the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Complex at the DMZ is not helping. And the PRNK Army has ‘authorized’ a nuclear strike against the USA, or it’s military assets.  Also, the ‘hot line’ between the PRNK and ROK has been shut down; this pretty much is the last thing to be cut as far as communications with the ROKs, so effectively there are NO comms between the North and South as of yesterday.

And the Chinese are stacking troops on the border with PRNK…

And it appears SECDEF Hagel has finally taken notice and decided this ‘might’ be a clear and present danger… sigh…

And we’ve got in excess of 32,000 US personnel sitting ducks in South Korea with no support thanks to sequestration…

I think we’ve been here before, and I just keep waiting for MacArthur to step out from behind the curtain with his corncob pipe…


Well dang… — 19 Comments

  1. Man, that’s a shame about your barber.
    I miss those Oki haircuts. There’s no equal here in the states.

  2. it’s just a tad bizzar watching PRNK . . . part of my brain says they just gotta be trying to push some buttons for more aid. And part says this new little critter is just a front for some old war horses just wanting to have one more go. We certainly can’t be much of a deterrent given our troop strength, flying abilities in the air and our fleet sitting dockside. This damn thing seems like it could go sideways pretty darn quick . . . .

  3. Not to worry. Sec. of State John Kerry will use his superior diplomatic skills to defuse the situation.

    Oh, wait…

    Okay, how about this? obama will use the same amazing foreign affairs capabilities that won him the Nobel peace prize to calm things down … just as soon as he finishes his latest round of campaign fund raisers.

    We are so screwed.

  4. I got the ears lowered by a lady from Korea who total English was “High and Tight?” and “OK!”.
    You can guess what kind of haircut I ended up with.

    Kim 3.0 doesn’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an air strike and that is scary.

    Be safe Sailor.

  5. We might not have MacArthur with a corncob pipe but would you settle for 0bama with a cigarette ?

  6. The Norks have been feeding off their own propaganda too long. They’ve completely lost touch with reality. Their politics, like their leadership, is what you get after several generations of incest.

  7. The Chinese are apparently sending a message and that is one that the DPRK will pay attention to. The US is viewed as cross between paper tiger and a massive PX.

    People have been doing the #1 – #2 combo on my head for years.

  8. Woulda been here sooner, but my blogroll didn’t update until now. Anyway, it’s WAY more interesting than I like, down there. Maybe it’s because my city’s within range of 3.0’s missiles. Naw, that can’t be it: I must be “ginning up” fear by watching Fox News.

  9. I just wish we could get the okay to go across the DMZ and slap the shit out of that little prick. But in the mean time, get your ass back here while you still can.

  10. Kim the 3rd reminds me of a young Thug inheriting his Father’s Mafia Family WAY TOO SOON and he feels like he’s got to show the “Old Tonys” who the New Boss is.

    Like Saddam did when he took on Iran.

    Unfortunately, since Barry’s in Charge, I’m thinking he’ll send in “Task Force Smith” instead of MacArthur.

    Then Sue for Peace with the NORKS.

  11. MSgt- Well, she’s making a good try and agree…

    Bill- It is… VERY scary…

    Tim/WSF- Yep!

    Agirl- Yep, truly ‘not’ funny…

    Gerry- Concur and tryin..

    Duke- Ummm, NO!!!

    Opus- Good damn question!

    Crucis- Good point Sir!

    Larry/Agirl/Jenn- It is

    NC- Not far behind you on top, trust me… sigh

    LL- Just hoping they are listening- bout a 4 in reality (official or not)… And a 1, 2 is easy for the barbers! 🙂

    Rev- Better hope the THAADs work…

    CP- Concur, and workin on it.

    Les- Probably, dammit!

  12. Numba 7 top, numba 3 sides??

    Hell, that’s a hippie chop, Old NFO.

    I get Numba ONE all over.

    Ok, Ok, I get numba ONE on the 3 square inches of scalp that still has hair on it.