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An interesting question/statement is posed with this one from the Custer County Chronicle, Feb 6, 2013 page 5A.


So… what say you???

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Gun Control… — 18 Comments

  1. Very well said. Unfortunately, as with the similar list of terrorist attackers, it will be ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative. After all, why waste the chance to infringe on everyone just because of only a few miscreants?

  2. It IS clear that they lack the mental capacity to make good decisions. But in the name of Thomas Jefferson: Let no free man be debarred the use of arms! Freedom first!

  3. It doesn’t fit the redneck cousin’ humping anti-Gun narrative – or to mention that the 20-30yr. old “kids” shooting-up Chicago and selling drugs would all vote Democrat.

  4. No, I think they should have the same RKBA as you and I do.

    It’s a lot harder to claim Self-Defense when the Enemy is Unarmed.

    Unlike THEM, I don’t believe in Back Shooting and Ambushing.

    Remember what THE Duke taught us: “Fill your hand, you Son of a Bitch!”

    Besides, most of them couldn’t hit the Side of a Zeppelin in a Fair Fight.

  5. Makes perfect sense to me.

    Guns have two enemies. Rust & Democrats

  6. Don- Agreed… dammit…

    45ACP- Concur!!!

    drjim- Me too!

    Tim- Feel free!

    NC- You are correct sir!

    Les- Spray and pray…

    WSF/Rev/Agirl- Yep

    Fuzzy- Thanks!

    Roger- agreed

    Robert- Dead on the money sir, thanks for your link!

  7. While I have no reason to disbelieve the letter, I would like to see independent confirmation of the political affiliations of these shooters. We have seen entirely too many “facts” turn out to be fiction to accept things blindly without proof.

  8. Exactly what Don said. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen. I don’t know that I ever heard one news report about the leanings of these shooters, but if they can loosely tie someone with a parking ticket to the Tea Party, they circle like vultures.

  9. Yeah, I’d like to see confirmation too, but at first glance this certainly fits with my experience of the mainstream liberal temperament. At the risk of straying into the dubious field of psychoanalysis–and long-distance at that–most blue-state liberal/progressive types have never been taught to control their emotions, and therefore can’t be trusted with instruments of lethal force. They simply assume that everyone else shares these acquired defects.

    On the other hand, I’m aware of several liberals who aren’t spoiled brats or unhinged temper freaks, and who _are_ Second Amendment supporters. Those are the ones I’d personally assess as worth listening to because they might be right on other things as well.

    (Disclaimer: I don’t know _what_ the hell I am politically, other than overwhelmingly anti-incumbent; a red-state non-conservative, maybe? I detest some elements of both liberalism and conservatism strongly enough to deny membership in either tribe.)