Just waiting for the opening whistle… — 12 Comments

  1. They’re up against the wall. Pass the popcorn and wait and see how it all works out. The result of a general war is a foregone conclusion. The body count in the ROK is the only thing that would disturb me. I have friends there.

  2. This all assumes, of course, that the Pretender in Chief has a mindset allowing for defense & protection of the USA. That’s a BIG assumption, unfortunately.

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  4. Since Un is not a Muslim, there might be a chance that Obie will actually do something. And this will give Kerry another chance at the MOH or another Purple Heart.

  5. If North Korea was full of Al Qaeda muslims, Barry might protect them. Although he may wimp out anyway.

  6. LL- I decided to leave early… At the urging of friends in the AOR…

    Rev/WSF- Sadly, a valid point…

    CP- I dunno, not holding out much hope until it’s TOO LATE!

    Opus- Good point!

  7. The Visitors take the field.
    On the QT, it appears we have 7 B1’s and a couple E6’s on the way to Guam.
    Since it’s not said out loud, but comms on an unsecure channel, it’s not saber rattling, It’s a threat.
    I wonder if somebody told Barry?

  8. Too Bad it will take Six Months of Hard work to get that much Fire Power out to West Pac….

  9. We are overextended, deeply in debt, and grounding aircraft to save money. Are we really going to try to project power on the Asian mainland? I doubt it. And what if China tells us quietly to stay out of it? I think the Japanese may finally realize that they are going to have to actively see to their own defense again. I think it more likely that China will eventually decide that Little Un is a liability and take some constructive action.