Semper Fi my friend, Semper Fi…

Sorry for the lack of posts and comments. Been in SC for a funeral of an old friend.

At my age it’s obvious that I’m going to lose friends, but it still hurts. It’s even worse when one has to escort the widow, and all that entails.

On a different note, and I don’t really know what to think about it, the funeral home now has a hearse just for veterans.

My friend went to his final rest in this…

Vet hearse

This is not a wrap, they actually painted it. They put the flag of the respective service in the holder on the front and go. But is ONLY used for veterans…

It was also interesting to note the public response, cars pulled over, oncoming traffic stopped, and I saw hats come off until the procession passed.

He was a Marine, and the Reserve Marine contingent turned out to do the flag ceremony. They did an outstanding job, and I couldn’t help but notice that four of the six were wearing PUCs…


Semper Fi my friend, Semper Fi… — 28 Comments

  1. Out-F’ing-Standing!!

    “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died, rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. Please pass the condolences to the family, and thank them for his service.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Thoughts and prayers for you and the family.

    I do like the hearse. Very respectful how the people in the community reacted.

  4. Sorry for your loss – good friends are difficult to say good bye to. Will keep you and his family in my thoughts and prayers. It’s nice to see the respect the hearse shows. The last mile should be within the flag . . . . very fitting.

  5. The hearse is a nice touch. But your’re right. There seem to be more empty chairs all of the time. I’m a selfish bastard. I like the company of friends and want to keep them in the land of the living. You can beat a lot of things in life, but none of us will beat the clock.

  6. So sorry for your lose. But so good to see that proper respect is paid.

  7. Anti/Murph- Concur and thanks.

    Rev- Yep

    Guffaw- Will do

    WSF- I know…

    Duke- yes it is!

    Agirl- Yes it was, and nice to see.

    Bill- You’re correct.

    LL- Agree, dammit…

    Keads/Bob/PH/Laura- Thank you

    drjim- Thanks

  8. Sorry you lost your friend. I’m losing my pretty fast now, too. But that was a great way to be carried. BZ to the funereal home. And hand salute to him and to you for being there for his family.

  9. RIP to your fiend. He’ll have many good comrades to share Valhalla’s mead.
    Was at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday (birthday flowers for my Mom’s grave). From her grave side I could see 4 active funerals.
    I always drop down to the lower end of Section 60 to pay my respects to the new arrivals. Along with all too many youngsters from the current war there are new graves of WWII, Korean, and Viet-Nam vets. Several graves hold more than one person; crews from WWII bombers, Viet-Nam choppers, training accidents, AC-130s … The newest one has twelve names. Headstone yet to be put up so I had to read the small ID cards. All shared a single date 4 August 2011.
    Excuse me. Time to hoist a few for those who have gone before their time.

  10. I am sorry for your loss. 🙁

    It was also interesting to note the public response, cars pulled over, oncoming traffic stopped, and I saw hats come off until the procession passed.

    You were in South Carolina.

  11. Godspeed Marine. Semper Fidelis

    Sorry for your loss NFO. The hearse is a nice touch. I’d like to see more places do something like that.

  12. Googled the company name from the picture and the “SC” from your text. Found them, I think and they have a link for veterans’ services. Sent them a note of appreciation for their thoughtfulness and expense in doing that hearse.

  13. Sad but also very sweet….thank you for sharing with us. Thoughts and prayers to you and the family. (HUG).