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I know I’ve been quiet on the Boston Marathon bombing, but that is for a reason…

I said a prayer last night for all those injured and those who died, and especially for those who selflessly helped.

BUT, I’d like to see facts first, not conjecture, guesstimation, SWAGs just FACTS before I go any further…

Unlike PMSNBC (you know who), CNN, and the WAPO I don’t necessarily believe ‘right wing extremist’ did this; but the left is sure trying hard to ‘point the blame’ in that direction…

A small group of us got together Monday night for dinner with Borepatch, and I have to admit in ‘all’ the blog meets I’ve ever attended, this is the FIRST time there was an indepth (history, museums, Army ‘sea’ stories, etc.) on TANKS of all things…  And crippie stuff, Bletchly Park (3 or 4 have actually been there), Turing, movies, and of course guns and books…

Security was ‘visibly’ higher down here today, with a number of buildings that have multiple parking entrances blocked either with barricades, or police, or both.  And roving patrols from various agencies were out and about all day!

There is also lots of back and forth on the gun bills in Congress, but I’m waiting on that one too, I want to see the actual language, ALL of the amendments, etc. before I make a decision (although I lean hard against it)…

And apparently there was an actual ricin detection today in a letter for Sen Wicker (R-MS)  Article HERE.

And I’d like to thank those who expressed sympathy both here and via email for the loss of my friend.  Thank you.

Now is the time we need to sit back, evaluate our positions, and pay attention to what is going on around us.  No rhetoric, no proclamations, just attention to details- You know your home, your routes to/from work, the areas around your work, and your building.  Condition orange, and be aware that LEOs are also on edge EVERYWHERE!


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  1. Times are certainly interesting. And yes, pay attention to all the details.
    I’m afraid all the heightened security is more like closing the barn doors after the horses are already out, but I’m sure it makes people feel better. It’s easy to feel complacent if there are lots of uniforms around. We can’t do that.

  2. Jennifer & JR are correct. Condition Orange at all times, and never rely on “the authorities” to provide protection; they can’t be everywhere. You’re your own on-site security, or you’re a victim.

  3. The get together sure was fun. And +5 to the comments here. Not only were we never as safe as we thought, we still aren’t – new Security Theater efforts and everything.

  4. I’m more concerned about “Itchy Trigger Fingers” from the LEO’s (remember what happened in California last month during the Dorner Manhunt?) than I am about Achmed or Cletus or SunFlower or whatever side of the Political Spectrum decides to play with Pressure Cookers.

    You all do what you want, but I’m not going to be doing any Open Carry for a few days.

    Kinda hard to Sue the Barney Fifes out there when one is full of .223 Holes, you know.

  5. As to Turing, I was surprised to learn that re: the Captcha codes we all hate:
    Captcha is an acronym.
    Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

  6. Would the crowd here support increased background checks for reciprocity in CCW and “carry through”?
    I’m not sure Bummer would sign that, but I’ve heard it’s part of Manchin/Toomey.

  7. The only fact out of the whole mess so far is the use of pressure cookers. And I am stocking up on them, because I’ve seen what happens to guns and ammo after the Newtown tragedy.

  8. Lots of bits and pieces of our society becoming more and more frayed. Physical security is simply one element of it. I can not think of a single time in my lifetime where I felt that self-reliance was more important. Local, state and federal resources are stretched (or badly utalized) – the person you see in the mirror each and every day is the only one you can truly depend on. Sooner folks re-embrace self reliance, the quicker we’ll start to heal.

  9. I just heard on the radio that an arrest is imminent (or may have already happened – depending on the news source). And some official gave out a statement that a security camera at (I believe) Lord and Taylor have the individual placing the back pack on the ground. He is described as ‘a dark skin individual.’ We’ll see. It will kill the left if it wasn’t a tea party, white right wing extremist.

  10. Jenn- True…

    JR- agree!

    Rev/BP- You are correct…

    Les/Rick- Good point!

    Ed- Yep, and it works (at least for now)… And for reciprocity would be about the ONLY reason to support.

    Mudbug- Don’t forget the rubber seals, those damn things are nearly impossible to find!

    Bill- Concur!

    CP- You’re right…

  11. I agree. We look at the targeting. Anti government groups, left or right target symbols of the government. Post offices, IRS, courthouses,governmental buildings. Anti capitalist target banks and corporate headquarters. People will get killed but damaging the symbol is important

    One group has selected large groups of people for the target. Islamic terrorist groups.

  12. I am more prepared now than I have been in years thanks to our conversations……thank you. We all need to be vigilent everywhere and all the time.

  13. Gerry- Good points all, thanks!

    WSF- Yep!

    Joey- YOU did that yourself, I just kinda ‘nudged’ you in the right direction! 😀