Ohh… I can haz a headache…

I ‘know’ better…

Open bar, ‘multiple’ bottles of wine at dinner…

Multiple old friends, sea stories, things that went bump in the night, and at least one guy in trouble because she found out ‘tonight’ some of the stories about the stuff we did back in the day that she’d never heard about…  I ‘think’ he’ll be lucky to get the couch…

Four generations of airplanes, and four generations (at least) of people…


P-2V- Cold War/Vietnam

P-3- Vietnam/Grenada/Gulf War I and II/Kosevo

P-8- ???

Americans, Brits, Germans, Portugal, Spain, Aussies, French, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Iranian, and now Taiwanese have all flown variants of the ASW airplane…  Not just chasing submarines, but maritime air patrols, rescue(s), emergency medical transportation, weather surveillance, iceberg patrols, chasing bad guys on the Ho Chi Min trail, chasing Iraqis during the first Gulf War, chasing Bin Laden and others in the second Gulf War, patrols both off the coast and overland in Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Been there, got the crap scared out of us on a routine basis, but usually made it home…  Tonight Capt Paul Milius was one of the honorees, and the story of VO-67 and MR-7’s final flight was told by the co-pilot (and survivor of the bailout over Laos), and another of the crew who came to honor him…


It was a GOOD night, but boy, I’m glad I only do this once a year…

Now I have to go find the car… Sigh…


Ohh… I can haz a headache… — 13 Comments

  1. That was back in the bad old days. ‘She’ should be able to just blow it all off and be glad he’s still in one piece, not leaking or anything. Besides, it isn’t like all that happened last week.

  2. Oh, and I forgot. If you’re just a little sick from the festivities of the previous evening, you should know better than to mix wine, booze and beer with a good time. Serve you right, having all that fun the night before.

  3. I’m glad you had a good time but we’re getting to old to do stuff like that on a work night.

  4. If you’re not blind for three days afterward, the party wasn’t all that good.

    And if you don’t have to lay on the ground and CLING TO IT in order to keep from falling off the planet, you aren’t all that intoxicated.

  5. Mad Jack- He never told her he was getting shot at routinely… Oopsie… And re the other, yeah, yeah, I know…

    Rev- Once a year… :-0

    PH- Yep, but at least I was NOT the only one hurting this morning!!! 😀

    Opus- Oh well, paid the price… 😀

    WSF- Had breakfast with his copilot this morning, one hellva story…

    LL- I’m WAY too old for those (although I ‘have’ done that before). Of course that was in the ‘old Navy’…

    Brighid- 🙂

    • Shot at? I can just HEAR that conversation.
      Her: They SHOT AT YOU?!
      Him: Yeah. Well, you know, they were the enemy, see, and that’s what the enemy does. They didn’t hit me though. Weren’t even close most of the time.
      Old NFO: What about that time when you were out on patrol and had to screw around with that land mine?
      Him: Yeah – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! See, we found this mine –
      Her: LAND MINE?!!
      Him: Yeah honey, a land mine. See, we – what’s the matter?

      I’d pay $50 cash and buy three rounds to be a fly on the wall. Poor guy. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. Yup, we get old and forget the lessons we painfully paid for in our youth..Sounds like a good time.