Armed Forces Day…

Obviously nobody in DC cares…


NO media coverage, no parades, zip nada…

But places like Bremerton, WA, Greenville, SC, Lawton, OK, and Torrence, CA are celebrating with parades and displays, and little Trinidad, CO is participating with a small celebration for the Run for the Wall…

NASCAR is supporting the Armed Services year round and at every race, and they have for years…

Guess the rednecks and the ‘little people’ still remember…


Armed Forces Day… — 16 Comments

  1. I would like to celebrate today by taking the umbrella and shoving it up Obama’s ass and opening it.

  2. The Federal govt. will observe no armed forces day this year.
    The reason is simple economics. Sequestration, the cutting of less than 3% of future spending has caused this awful situation. And because sequestration is George Bush’s fault, it is obvious that George Bush is responsible for not honoring our armed forces on their day.
    Remember folks, “Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat”.

  3. Notice that EXCEPT for the Navy, all the rest of the Service People pictured are at their Posts, ready for Duty.

    The Sailor is shown leaving his Ship, because it’s “Too Expensive to Run,” and there’s no Job for a Sailor when his Home is being Welded to a Pier!

  4. CP- Yep…

    Roger- That’s their excuse THIS year, but what about the last four years???

    WSF- Thank you!

    Les- Good point!

  5. It would behoove DC to be more situational aware regarding the “little people”, as I don’t believe in fair warning to my enemies…

  6. It’s still a bit of a big deal here – 2nd Annual AF Day parade on the River Walk. Of course SA does consider itself Military City USA…………..;-)

  7. I noted it on Facebook, we were having a wonderful parade of stuff there. I even posted a picture of the 82nd on their Longstreet run (as a Division) the All American Week is on the way, and the new (to this olde paratrooper) the T-12 parachute. Then I went out and shot sixty on some AQTs at the rifle range. I do love America, and I know what keeps it ‘land of the Free, home of the brave’ and it isn’t the State Department nor the IRS.

  8. To quote the former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, “What does it matter?” And the First Lady, “All this for a damned flag.”

  9. Brighid- Good point!

    Gomez- Thanks for the update!

    Earl- True dat!!!

    LL- Sigh, yeah lots of ‘caring’ from them…

    Art- You’re welcome

  10. LL,

    You quoting the First Lady made me remember a presentation I gave in a class on government at the University of Georgia back in 1992. The whole assignment started because of some protesters burning the US flag in some news story.

    I got up and explained to them what the flag represents and what it means to the people who stand in harms way. What it means to the soldiers on the front lines, and what it means to the rest of us who may just be a LONG WAY from home. For me that meant that the flag represented home. It represented friends, family, Sunday dinners, the freedom to talk about our political leaders, etc.

    When I was finished you could have heard a pin drop. Except for an army veteran in the class, it was obvious that none of the rest of them had ever thought about it from “our” perspective.

    I made a class full of wet behind the ears kids THINK that day, even though I was still pretty much wet behind the ears myself! By the way, the army vet (don’t remember his name) agreed with me.

    Michelle, it isn’t just a “damned flag”! If you don’t understand that then you are just a damned idiot!


  11. We did a little something at my place of work, but on our own time and on our own dime. Someone needs to remember.

  12. I remember when, as a kid, our family would go to Ft. Devens in MA for their open house on AF Day. Very cool; I still remember going into tanks, getting free handouts of old canteens & puke belts, & the smell of those huge canvas tents.
    It was a big deal, then.
    Sadly, almost no one gives a crap, anymore.

  13. Mark- Thanks and excellent point! I feel the same…

    Brigid- Thanks!

    DT- Yep, that was then, now… Not so much…