The Fourth of July is celebrated every year with vibrant fireworks displays. The night sky is lit up by dozens of simultaneous explosions. Every burst of sound is painted with a different color; creating an incredible visual experience. When we pack up our blankets, and walk away from the show, we rarely remember one particular firework; instead, we remember the entire experience. If there were one, singular giant explosion of color in the sky, we would remember it in detail, but multiple objects team up to form a blur of distraction; an overload of details. The same idea is true in politics.

First, there was the emergence of new evidence in the Benghazi cover-up. Then, there was the IRS scandal; involving the targeting of Conservative organizations. Now, there is yet another scandal involving the government seizing the phone records of the Associated Press.

All three of these stories are coming up at the exact same time, despite all three of them being old news–so to speak. Benghazi took place last year; the IRS incident has been going on since 2011; and the AP phone records seizure took place months ago. It was suggested by Michelle Bachmann that the breaking of the IRS story was acting as a cover-up for the real story: Benghazi. But I think something even crazier is in the works.

Politics–especially, and specifically in the Obama administration–is all about misdirection. Obama has misdirected the American people on numerous issues: Obamacare, immigration reform, tax increases on the middle-class, etc. There is not a single major issue that Obama has not lied about.

Politics–especially, and specifically in the Obama administration–is all about misdirection. Obama has misdirected the American people on numerous issues: Obamacare, immigration reform, tax increases on the middle-class, etc. There is not a single major issue that Obama has not lied about.

There is the possibility, of course, that with the serious nature of the Benghazi scandal, Obama needed multiple distractions. It is possible that Benghazi is the big fish of the three. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Because with all of this happening at once, in several months, the memory of what happened will be obscured behind a cloud of dust. Americans will remember scandal, but the details will most likely escape them. When the time comes for the 2014 mid-term elections, Americans will see commercials for Democratic candidates; vouching for their trustworthiness; and all the problems of the Obama administration will be swept under the mental rug.

And don’t forget Fast and Furious… Where has THAT gone???

And what is going to come out next???

And one last shot- Overheard at the meetings this week talking about the Navy, “It’s not sequestration, it’s sea-castration… Gutting the Navy’s ability to do their jobs, then blaming the Navy for not doing their jobs; but it’s ALL the Navy’s fault.”


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  1. EXACTLY, YES, AGREE . . .

    Obama has been a pro at the Chicago “slight of hand”. His only mistakes may have been just plain too much of it and pissing off the press. Time will tell.

  2. Misdirection is one of the Left’s favorite ploys…
    The famous “Look! Squirrel!” tactic is a classic Democrat move… And they have really perfected the [email protected] Document Dump.

    Y’know, I believe the Shakespearean solution is in order, especially if we could get people to equate ‘lawyer’ and ‘lawmaker’… (Henry VI, Act II Scene IV)


  3. Misdirection–yes, maybe. But amid the concern (even among many on the left) over the Obama-related scandals, the Obama legislative agenda has been on hold. That’s a good thing. The principal focus of this two-year block of time has been dedicated to the decimation of the Republicans in the legislature so that Obama would have a Democratic majority in the house in 2014 and could slam home whatever legislation that he wanted to over the last two years of his presidency.

    Yes, maybe there is a hat trick that we don’t see. But politically, the whole thing is not swinging his way. The Senate’s refusal to pass his gun control legislation — so that he wasn’t able to do a big road show blaming the Republican majority in the House, was a significant event.

    With the added scrutiny that has come from the renewal of Benghazi and the string of scandals, even the mainstream media is reporting SOME of it (not ideal, but an improvement). And it’s stalling his agenda.

    Obama has done a lot of damage and he has 3.5 more years to do more. But without the loyal opposition he could have done far more in the first 4.5 years.

  4. Your thoughts are right on. The problem is most of us are moral people. Obama and crowd; not so much. Kind of like the Japanese in WWII following the Geneva Convention.

  5. Bill- Good point, but do we HAVE the time???

    Stephen- Yep

    TBG- Works for me! 🙂

    LL- Agreed, and let’s hope the media actually wakes up!

    WSF- Concur!

  6. Thanks for reminding folks of Fast & Furious. That one seems to be getting lost in the crowd.

    And now we have umbrellagate to further distract people.

    IMO the gay marriage issue was an attempt at misdirection. So too will be the upcoming immigration reform debate.

    I just hope that voters remember all this come the 2014 elections, but I’m not optimistic…

  7. Don’t forget “a veritable plague of sexual assaults” in the military. Sure to become a reason to remove large swaths of the officer corps. And civilian “moderators” or “liaisons” will be placed into the chain of command. Political Commissars by any other name. Obama’s own Great Purge.

  8. Dammit. You want me to dig, don’t you. *mumble*
    I know there is something else. Something nasty. We’re only scratching the surface. When the admin drops stories this scandalous and newsworthy, there is always something they are hoping no one notices.
    Shakable trees are getting far more wary of curious people. They are not inclined to trust the confidence particularly with the AP tapping. What? They are going to talk to bloggers? Perish the thought! But if anyone wants, my contact info is readily available.

  9. Some others have written that the smokescreen is for the immigration bill, but I suspect something bigger. And like the illusionist “disappearing” the elephant while the audience was watching the beautiful assistants, the Obama administration is quite good at misdirection.

    Oh, and TBG? In Shakespeare’s day a “law-yer” WAS a lawmaker, a legislator. Thing sawyer, bowyer, etc. OTOH, there is a significant overlap, and even when they are not the same folks, they certainly scratch each others’ backs.