Leave it up to the troops…

This is a couple of years old, but it says it all as far as I’m concerned… Based on folks that I communicate with that are still active duty, this perception has NOT changed…

And here is one more telling photo…  Bet you’ve never seen THIS on any MSM site, or TV or any magazine, well you get the idea…


George W. Bush and First Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell U.S. Army Retired with Barack Obama looking on.
She is the same hero who danced with W after the Warrior 100K Ride in 2012.
You just can’t fake decency.  The look on President Obama’s face is telling. He will never have that connection with our troops. It’s just not in his soul.
One can ‘play’ politics all day long, but when it comes down to it, it’s the boots on the ground, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who are the ones doing to grunt work and dying… NOT the political elite… Call them dumb if you will, but the troops KNOW the truth, and who truly supports/cares for them.
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  1. When 17 Navy Seals were killed in a helicopter crash, Obama sent their families a form letter signed with an electronic pen. Three months later when Heavy D died, he penned a personal letter of condolence to the rapper’s family.

    I watched the video, and quite frankly, I’m more surprised that today is Friday.

  2. President Bush loved America and the people who kept the nation safe. To be a GENUINE commander-in-chief, you need to have an American heart. President Obama’s heart has never been an American one. A lot of it comes with the way he was raised. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and the absentee father were all Communists who genuinely disliked America. Little Barry’s mother’s milk convinced him that America is evil and dirty. He carries that attitude with him every day and it shows by the way he governs.

    I was at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center when President Bush visited in 2002. He walked in, chatted, joked, teared up from time to time, and behaved like one of the guys/gals. He kept the Secret Service and the gilded staff back so that he could enjoy hanging with people who were creating America’s response to the War on Terror. President Obama is completely incapable of doing something like that. It’s simply who he is. He’d rather shmooze with JayZ, Oprah and the Chicago thugs — it’s his comfort zone.

  3. Obama is too self centered to relate to something like this.

  4. I just don’t thing Obama has even a glimmer of how to relate to the military. Yesterday’s photo of a Marine holding an umbrella for him . . . . really???? A fricking umbrella???? That simply says it all. Bush understood, in his heard, the sacrafice our military make – and he loves them for it. That is a true leader.

  5. The current administrator is clueless. And clearly would rather be having his toes snipped off with a pinking shear than be there.
    Disgusting and disgraceful.


  6. While the Evil Party looks down on the military & can’t imagine what they’re good for – and the President clearly believes them to be an evil imperialist/Zionist tool – the troops know who has their backs. And who’s trying to stab them in it. Just sayin’.

  7. There’s no doubt George W. Bush’s affection and concern for our military is genuine.

    Remember when Bush made the first surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq back in Nov. 2003?

    Here was this man, our President, came all the way around the world, spending 17 hours on an airplane and landing in the most dangerous airport in the world, where a plane was shot out of the sky not six days before.

    Just to spend two hours with his troops. Only to get on a plane and spend another 17 hours flying back. It was a great moment, and I will never forget it.

    Or how he has made a practice of greeting returning troops at DFW, even after he was out of office?

    Contrast that with obama’s attitude towaCrds the military – uniformed umbrella holders.


  8. Wing- Point!

    WSF- Every once is a while I get it right…

    MRsC- Good point… sigh

    LL- Agree with all!

    PH- You’re right!

    Bill- Yeah, that was amazing…

    Crusty- Yep!

    Guffaw- Concur!

    Rev- Good point too!

    BP- Yep, totally unaffected on two of three people…

    Tim- Correct, and he does it without ANY fanfair… As opposed to BO…

  9. Looks like Obama can’t keep his eyes off her prosthesis, and not because she’s showing the colors on it. That deserves a big grin of admiration for her spirit, not a dyspeptic look. What a small man.

  10. After Ft. Hood, W and Laura visited the wounded more than once, without media or teleprompters.
    This jerk we have now just. not. get. it.

  11. Hey Old NFO,

    I have heard the same thing from my brother and others that are still in. Most of the troops don’t care for him, the only ones that overwhelming support him are the “dark Green” troops and that is mostly the young ones. You did notice on the video when BHO did show up, the only ones that were clapping were the top brass. Makes me wonder if their loyalty is to their career or their oath.