Kid’s Shoot AAR…

I never did get a good head count, but I’d say there were at least thirty folks there…

Bloggers, commenters, strays, family, a whole bunch of folks showed up.

There was a range in a ‘sooper sekret location’


Of course a ‘little’ trimming had to take place BEFORE we could actually start, so everybody pitched in early am to get everything set up and targets build/set.

This was the pistol table, ‘mostly’ .22s…


I’m just not saying how ‘old’ some of the kids were…


And ‘some’ folks say he missed, but I don’t know for sure one way or the other! Smile

And there were some larger toys too!




It’s obvious Wandering Neurons (a commenter) has WAY too much time on his hands!  This is actually a ‘kit car’ built on a Suburban Chassis!!!

That I can think of JayG, Nancy (and family), Shorter Half, A Girl TSM and their family; and commenters .45ACP and his wife, Bubblehead Les, Wandering Neurons, Larry and son, Dr. Mike, Igli (And these are the ones I ‘know’..

Many $$ worth of .22 and assorted calibers were turned into noise, and standing room only at the line.  Along with lots of, “Hey, ya want to shoot ‘this’ one?”

A couple of more pictures including one Appleseed Instructor firing a copy of a Flintlock from the Revolutionary War (and hitting, gee NO surprise there at all)!


And his wife shot it too (and hit too)!


And there was FOOD!!!  BBQ, burgers, dogs, and all the fixin’s. And dessert and birthday cards; and laughter, stories, multiple conversations going on, and fun was had by all!

Thanks for the invite Lady, I truly enjoyed it!


Kid’s Shoot AAR… — 15 Comments

  1. I’m sad: (a) because I live in a ‘slave state’ where this gathering would be unlikely to take place. (b) because I wasn’t there to enjoy the festivities with the rest of you.

  2. LL- I know what you mean, and it was a blast (Literally)! The only way it would happen in Kali would be out in the desert, and only for an hour or two before either LEOs or Game and Fish showed up to shut it down!

  3. It’s 106 degrees in the desert – in the shade… if there was any shade.

  4. Truly had such a great time. Everyone is so generous! Loved seeing you as always!

  5. Great time! Sub-adults got some range time and training, and the adults (and grown-up kids) got to destroy some targets, try new toys, and find out if their own toys worked (Les?).
    I’m sorry I missed Nancy’s party/picnic, but was surprised with a belated 50th Party by my wife. Hence, her demands that I be at the restaurant at a specific time.

  6. MSgt- You missed a good one! 🙂

    Rev- Plane ticket… Just sayin… LOL

    Nancy- Hopefully without the drama ahead of time, right???

    Jay- I was awake at 0300, so if it made sense, *I* am surprised…

    LL- Yep, BTDT sunburnt to hell and guns literally too hot to pick up!

    Agirl- Count yourselves in that comment Lady!

    Brighid- It was, and you’re right!

    WN- I ‘guess’ that is an acceptable excuse 🙂 And good for her sneaking one in on ya!!! 😀

  7. Next year WILL be better. After all, if you aren’t improving, you’re declining — stasis is death.