What if the laws applied to everyone???

Judge Napolitano in the Washington Times…

What if government officials have written laws that apply only to us and not to them? What if we gave them the power to protect our freedoms and our safety, and they used that power to trick and trap some of us? What if government officials broke the laws we hired them to enforce? What if they prosecuted others for breaking the same laws they broke?

Read the whole thing HERE.

If this doesn’t get you thinking, I don’t know what will.

And in other news, yet ANOTHER working intel source has been compromised by the media in their ‘rush’ to put something out to distract the sheeple…

And they are ‘blaming’ it all on FISA and the Patriot Act!


What if the laws applied to everyone??? — 5 Comments

  1. What if the government acknowledged that the War on Terror is a war against fundamentalist Islam?

    Oh, no. That would be Islamophobic and too politically incorrect to contemplate.

    • That’s why they don’t call it the War on Terror anymore.
      Also, if there is no War on Terror, why do we need all this egregious data mining?

  2. Too much to ask Jim – I believe that “they” see it as a benefit of being elected to office . . .

    LL – I’ve given up on “fundamentalist Islam” – we are at war with Islam. As long as the “moderate” or “peaceful” Muslims stand down, remain silent and do nothing to reform their relgion – I see us as at war with the entire faith. Given the mix of governance and reglion that is Islam – I do not believe it will ever be compatible with “the American Way Of Life”. Thoughts?

  3. LL/WSF- He ‘can’t’ do that… He’d be admitting he failed!

    Ed- Good point!

    Bill- I know… And concur it will NEVER be compatible!