An Iver Johnson ad,  date unknown, but probably early 1900’s

Iver Johnson AD

A Colt ad from 1919, when you could order a pistol through the mail…

colt pistol ad 1919

From Yahoo on the Connecticut firearms bill-

The bill also clarifies the status of .22-caliber rimfire rifles, defining them as assault weapons when fitted with a detachable magazine and more than one of several features including a folding or telescoping stock, bayonet mount or flash suppressor. With passage of Monday’s revisions, the firearm so constructed will no longer be available for sale in Connecticut, but consumers who purchased it since April 4 will be allowed to register and keep it.

Read it and weep HERE.

Note that just like New York, they had to go back and ‘clarify’ portions of the bill…

Why are we in this handbasket, and WHEREINHELL are we going???



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  1. There are “free states” in this country and there are “collectivist states”. People have to decide which ones that they want to live in. Or as in the case with Colorado and the potential state of North Colorado, they need to decide whether or not they want to balkanize and form East and West Connecticut.

    However, people need to keep in mind that the states that allow people to carry firearms are ALWAYS safer than those which do not.

  2. Those states which are moving toward disarming the people entirely, will not be happy until that is accomplished.

    Then there are the free states which are happy when we are armed. Alaska, Vermont, Arizona … it’s sad that we must choose, but choose we must.

  3. So doesn’t Ruger make the 10/22 in Connecticut? And isn’t this Law aimed Directly at them and all the other .22LR makers of Faux ARs?

    You’d think that they might have heard of “…First, they came for the Jews, but since I wasn’t a Jew…”

    I hope the Law says that they can’t even MAKE them in Connecticut! That’ll teach them to keep on Supporting the Fascist/Commie Tyrants with their State Taxes and Purchases.

  4. Keads- Yep!

    LL- Concur with ALL!

    CP- And with about the same level of justification!!!

    Rev- Right you are!

    Les- They do, and I ‘think’ that might be one of the ‘corrections’… Can affect the tax dollars, don’t ya know…

  5. Well, since one of my senators has reassured me that if you register a weapon no government database is created I guess it’s OK.

  6. Strange, I don’t remember reading about Wild West shootouts and blood in the streets as a kid. Must have been sheltered, don’t you think.

  7. drjim- yep!
    PH- You go right ahead and believe that…

    Rick- Lucky!

    WSF- Yeah, we must have ‘missed’ that…

    Ed- True!

  8. When they write laws about things we know about we can see how stupid they are. The laws that they write about things we don’t know about they are just as stupid we just don’t notice it. Same principle applies to news reporting.

  9. I’ve always loves that ad for the Iver Johnson. It’s completely safe for that little girl, because there’s no way on God’s little green dirtball she’ll ever be able to pull that trigger. I think the mainsprings on those things were made by Cartwrights, or maybe leftovers from Model T fords that were deemed “Too stiff for comfortable rides”.
    Yes, I’m deliberately avoiding comment on the rest of the post, my blood pressure is already far too high.