Driving is SUCH fun…

In the aw s!!t we’re all gonna die category…



The car in front of me and I are trying to go straight… Simple yes???

Ummm, not so much, the Trolley is turning LEFT, and the bus has decided to turn RIGHT!!!

In the law of gross tonnage, us cars were definitely going to lose!  And the bus couldn’t back up, so we sat for probably five minutes till somebody showed up and cleared the Trolley (it missed the bus by less than 6 inches apparently).  Then the bus cut us all off and went right across two lanes.

And this was within three blocks of the hotel, and I was just starting an hour’s drive to the meeting…

Wrong side of the road, way too early in the morning, not enough coffee… sigh…


Driving is SUCH fun… — 6 Comments

  1. You think Autralia’s bad?

    Try driving in Ireland.

    Everyone drives like there’s no one else on the road.

    It’s loonacy in motion.

  2. First day in Guatemala, being driven by a local: “WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!”

  3. You’re an American, damn it! Tell them to drive on the RIGHT side of the road!

    (Uppity people. Just because the toilet water spins the other way, they think that they’re cool.)