Zimmerman not guilty…

It is interesting to watch this play out in the media, the WAPO above the fold headline this morning was “Fla. man freed in Martin killing” with a subhead of Zimmerman is found not guilty.

There were riots in Oakland, CA over the acquittal, but that seems to be about it…

Now the ‘spin’ is the amorphous “they” (Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP and other hate mongers) want the DOJ to investigate Zimmerman for racial profiling, and civil rights violations against Martin. However, DOJ is tainted with the revelations of the CRS participation in the protests in Sanford, FL.

What “I” find ironic is that if this had been white on white, or black on black, or hispanic on hispanic or any combination that didn’t involve a black victim and an other race shooter, this case would most probably have never risen to a chargeable offense…  And of course the “theys” out there are blaming the fact that the jury didn’t have any blacks and “they” weren’t properly represented (actual facts be damned once again)…

And the real kicker was this last night…

State Attorney Angela Corey said after the verdict that she believed second-degree murder was the appropriate charge because Zimmerman’s mindset “fit the bill of second-degree murder.”

The sad fact is that a young man was shot and killed, but the bottom line is the FACTS never supported either a racial profiling, or Zimmerman doing anything that ANY neighborhood patrol wouldn’t do; especially with an unknown person wandering through the neighborhood in the rain when there had already been a spate of robberies in that neighborhood.  When you take all the social media and social commentary out of the mix, the evidence never proved that Zimmerman was out there with malice aforethought and the intent to shoot anyone.  I was going to write a long post on this, but I’d just point you to Peter at BRM, he does an outstanding job with THIS post of laying out all the issues and options.

Peter raises a host of excellent points, and the whole article bears reading and thoughtful contemplation…

Edit- And now Harry Reid (spit) has apparently chimed in that Zimmerman should be further prosecuted… WTF???


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  1. Sad when the case can’t just be about the facts of that case, and when elected officials make defamatory comments about individual citizens.

  2. I too think Peter at BRM put together the most concise and coherent post I’ve read.

    Having relatives, and good friends, with biracial children, I understand they see, in their own children, Martin, and are fearful. Wish I had a good answer for them.

    I see two jackasses in this. One, Zimmerman,for escalating a situation. Two, Martin, for assaulting Zimmerman.

  3. Well, as one who has SHOT at a “17-year-old Troubled Youth” in the South while following Instructions from the Dispatcher while waiting and waiting and waiting for the Police, I can say that if MY THUG wasn’t White, we’d be going through this 30 years ago. But my shooting barely made the Weekly Police Blotter in the local paper.

    This WHOLE Circus was used by the Professional Racists who seem to think that THEIR “Race” is “Justified” to commit any damn crime they want, because their Ancestors were Repressed.

    Sorry, but I’m NOT Responsible for ANYTHING that happened to one’s family over several Hundred Years, and it’s time to GET OVER IT!

    I speak from the MOST Liberal Viewpoint possible when I say this: I’ll Shoot ANYONE who tries to attack me or my family or my friends or Neighbors or any other Innocent Bystanders I’m near. I don’t give a Damn what Race, Color, Creed, Sex, Religion Physical Condition or even if they are Martian or Klingon. GOBLINS are GOBLINS, and if they Attack Me, they WILL be Fought Back.

    And let the MSM use THAT Against me if I ever get in Harm’s Way again. Fuck Them AND their Horses!

  4. A man shot an inner city youth (likely a burglar) in his neighborhood after the inner city youth attacked him. The shooter acted in self defense, clearly fearing for his safety.

    The police felt that it was self defense. The prosecutor felt that it was a matter of self defense and didn’t charge him. Then the federal government made it a racial issue and the ball started rolling. But a jury made up of women didn’t buy it and acquitted the shooter.

    Now the Federal Government wants to persecute (not prosecute) the shooter. Welcome to the ObamaNation.

  5. JR- Oh so true!

    WSF- Good points!

    Les- Understood, and I think more and more are beginning to feel just that way!

    Ed- I think it’s all about pushing the racial component, even if they have to invent one…

    LL- Understood and agreed! Dammit…

  6. At the risk of pointing out the obvious… isn’t a racist someone who attributes a racial component to an action or reaction? Or who regards the race of one or more of the actors to be significant, or of over riding importance?

    So the question might be asked — who is acting as a racist here?

    Or am I missing something obvious…

  7. The legal talking head on ABC (Always Backing Communist) even said the case should never have come to trial. Z had a wet back, cut and scrapped back head, bloody nose and lip, while T had wet knees and bruised knuckles. The DA did not want to try it, but MSM and politics forced him to do it. Didn’t have a winning case. The two wrong? Z got out of the car and T did not walk off. Now if the race bateers will shut up, we can all go back to our screwed up lives.

  8. Harry Reid needs to shut up.

    Angela Cory needs to pack up, because I want to see her fired, or do us a favor and resign. She has been a horrible State Attorney, not just in the handling of this case but others as well.

    This was only made an issue because after this happend the blacks were upset over it, Obama was due in central florida for a campaign stop. At the time he needed the political push, and to show his base that he cared about them.

  9. Ian- No you’re not, but since they’re black, they CAN’T be racists… sigh

    CP- Agreed, but we ‘know’ that is not going to happen… sigh

    Tim- Yep!

    JUGM- Correct on ALL counts!!! But we all know none of them are going away voluntarily!!!

  10. I find it amazing is the story about the stolen jewelry
    and burglar tools in Trayvon’s pockets has been lost.
    all traces of the story has been scrubbed.

  11. The Oakland riots were ’cause it was Saturday night, not Trayvon.
    Fearless predictions:
    1) The 6 jurors will be audited every year for the rest of their lives which may not be long because …
    2) The Fla. prosecutor’s office will “accidentally” release their identities.
    3) The DoJ will ignore the FBI findings of “no action advisable” and hound Zimmerman for the rest of his life.

  12. Rick- Apparently scrubbed since it was ‘only’ reported to the school…

    Stretch- Good points dammit!!!

  13. No, there are several social media posts that need to be included in the dialog.

    Like the one where his girlfriend was asking him why he got into “another fight” a couple weeks before this, and Travon says that his victim “didn’t bleed enough, so he’s going to beat him up again” (paraphrasing from Ebonic/txt back to American English, from an archive copy of Travon’s own Facebook page)

    Or the video of a group of his friends beating the crap out of some homeless dude. The picture of the huge pile of jewelry and a screwdriver on a bed. And the picture of a black man’s hand holding a gun. Those were all on Martin’s cellphone.

  14. Scott- Yeah, but ‘now’ the claim is they weren’t “his” pictures or statements… “Somebody else” put them there! Sumdood strikes again!!!