Range time…

I decided to wimp out today, rather than driving all the way out to the outdoor range, I just went over to NRA.

It was PACKED!!! Waited 45 minutes for a lane, and as expected the conversation was revolving around the Zimmerman verdict and it’s impact.  One of the more interesting comments was from a younger black couple (both CCW’ing), who said it was totally hosed up. Martin was a wanna be thug, and as far as they were concerned the jury was right; and that if the left kept pursuing it, there would be a bigger divide than any of us could overcome. The lady commented on the death toll in Chicago and Baltimore and wondered where the outrage on the left was for ‘those’ deaths.  Nobody had a good answer for that one…

Soooo, shooting…

50 round of 22/45 to warm up, trying to get some kind of rhythm going and actually start hitting where I ‘thought’ I was aiming, and getting the front sight/trigger press to start being a functional component of my shooting again.

Worked through the 1911 (little over a half a box), 25 rounds of .38 through the Python, 12 rounds through the Kahr (monthly cycle of ammo and mags) of draw/fire 2 rounds at a time, then another 10 rounds because I was not as accurate as I should be with it (no idea where the other box of 9mm disappeared to).  25 rounds through the Mustang, and another 25 rounds of  22/45 to end the day.  By the time I quit, the groups were finally coming back down and the front sight/press was second nature again.  Drawing from under a button down shirt compared to a polo shirt is a good bit different due to the materials used, and the way they react and bunch up when you grab them.  I need to practice that and dry fire more at home…

I wish they did allow pics at the NRA, as there was a truly cute little girl shooting a zebra striped pink AR in 22…  And the dad’s patience and the mother’s big smile were great!!!

Got back and did the clean everything routine, which pretty much killed the rest of the day.  But like any other tool, they DO need to cleaned/maintained properly if they are going to be reliable (and actually I’m two weeks behind on the carry pistols) and cycling the mags from the bag to the carry pistol.

Which does bring up a thought, how many magazines do most folks keep for each pistol?

For all but the BHP, I have at least six mags and am constantly on the lookout for more in most cases.  My issue is that I only want OEM or quality (Wilson/Brown/C&S or that caliber) spare mags. I think I’ve got probably 16 mags for the Glock 17, but I bought all those years ago and have rejuvenated them at least a couple of times (keepers/followers/springs).

OBTW, if anybody happens to have any ‘extra’ BHP mags, I’ll gladly take them off your hands… Just sayin… 🙂


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  1. Yesterday was an odd day. I was out and about and felt weird vibes from some people. Kind of like they were judging me based on the color of my skin. Thanks Obama!

    Glad you had a good day at the range.

  2. Well, since we last met, I’ve found a “Good Deal” on the Smith SDVE (a Glock by any other Name…), and right this minute it has 2 Mags. But I prefer to carry at least 2 Spare Mags (where Legal). I find 2 spares on the opposite side of my belt helps to balance the Load.

    Until I can find another “Good Deal” on a Matching Pistol, because Murphy’s Law Rules! Then it’ll be one spare behind each Pistol. My Waist isn’t THAT big (yet)!

    For the Revolvers, well, they’re now House Guns. But each has 4 Speedloaders in a Mil-Surp Grenade Pouch to go with them that I can drape across my neck. Picked that up from Clint Smith.

    As for the Long Guns, it’s as much as I can carry on my LBE. But other than Range Time, they are on SHTF Standby. So it depends.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Sig 239 10 magazines
    Glock 26 15 magazines
    Glock 19 20 magazines
    Glock 17 10 magazines (I need a few more but it’s the newest one.)
    1911s, 13 Wilson Combat, 4 Springfield, 2 Kimber, 8 GI.
    AR-15 80+ PMAGs in one form or another, 20+ British Green follower, 30+ assorted 30 rounder, 20+ GI with new follower 20 rounder

    • I had a bunch of M&P magazines but when I traded the M&P Pro I trade them one for one for the G-17 magazines and gave two to folks who could use them. I still have two, one evil full capacity and one 10 rounder for the safe queen I still own.

  4. By most folks’ standards, I’m woefully under-equipped. Only six mags for the 1911. The wheelgun, of course, doesn’t need any of those new-fangled contraptions.

  5. MSgt- Hang in there, it will come!

    Opus- Yeah, it was kinda interesting…

    Les- Understood…

    Gerry- Shaddap… 🙂 I’ll get there one day!

    Rev- Yeah, I’m feeling that way after Gerry’s comment… sigh

  6. I’ve got at least 15 mags for my Kimber 1911.

    I only have three for my SIG P226 because I gave the rest of the ones I had (10 or 12) to my son, as that’s his only pistol, and I don’t shoot the SIG very much.

    Gave him most of my 40 S&W ammo, too.

    Everything else here, except for the new Garand, is either a revolver, or has a tubular magazine, like my lever guns and shotguns.

    And I’ve got about 100 clips for the Garand, most of them loaded with proper 150gr ammo.

  7. I can only shoot one gun at a time, and only have one loaded wheel gun. Sure hope that doesn’t make me a liberal…

  8. I’m still collecting BHP mags…and when I get “too many” for the one BHP that I have, I’ll buy another BHP.

  9. It has always amazed me how the gun has a mind of its own. It knows where I MEANT to hit and does it for me. I thought I wanted to shoot and hit the target right here, but the gun knows that I really meant to hit it there and makes the adjustment. Freaky I tell ya.

  10. Murph- There is a name for people like you… 😛

    Ed- Shaddap… LOL

    CP- LOL, that’s about how badly I was shooting…

  11. I need more mags for my P220. When I sold one of my P220’s to a friend I included too many mags – and they are hard to find now!

  12. I have what I believe to be a browning hipower magazine that I no longer have a use for. I sold my BHP, and dug this up recently.
    Ya want it?