Double standard anyone???

Who was Antonio Santiago???

Anybody know???

I’m betting less than 1% can answer that…

Antonio Santiago

You probably won’t recognize me or even know my name. My name was Antonio Santiago.

I was the 13-month old baby who was shot in the face at point blank range by two Black teens who were attempting to rob my mom who also got shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy and daddy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty because they were too young… too bad, I was given a death sentence by them for being too young, White, innocent, defenseless and in the ‘wrong’ neighborhood where I lived.

My mommy and daddy made the mistake of being White and living in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. The Justice Department never even investigated my death, or if my rights were violated. President Obama didn’t take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder or honor me.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great nation’s history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise. Michelle wasn’t heartbroken. President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me, so he doesn’t care and the media didn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a White equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me.

There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those Black guys who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice, rioting and demonstrating for Treyvon Martin, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee-shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you’re doing for Treyvon Martin.

Thank you,


Where is the outrage and media coverage???  Not much out there, one is HERE.   Why isn’t THIS getting 24/7 coverage???




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Double standard anyone??? — 17 Comments

  1. What sucks is the fact that “Troubled Youths under the age of 18” can NOT, repeat NOT get the Death Penalty because of the Supreme Court!

    And maybe THAT’s part of the reason the Professional Racists are going nuts over the Martin case? After all, we KNOW that Gangs like to use Under-age kids to wack their Opponents, because of this ruling. And trust me, the word has been spread in the ‘Hood that “Don’t Worry, it’s OKAY to Cap the White Man, ’cause you ain’t getting the Needle.”

    But take out one of the “Troubled Youths” in a Completely Legal Way, and it’s if one was Pontius Pilote!

  2. Inner City Youth -on- white is not news. (dog bites man) It happens all too often and makes a certain protected class look bad, thus the MSM ignores it.

  3. I KNOW ! I KNOW ! PICK ME, PICK ME! It happend just up the road from us.
    His mother was out walking him when two youths skipping school, shot the mother in the leg and then baby Anthony in the head.
    Then the mother and aunt of one of the bad guys helps them get rid of the gun, now the whole family is sitting in jail waiting trial. And those “good boys who never do anything wrong” will not face death.

    But this week there has been a twist. Anthonys father some how got GSR on his hands. the same day as the crime.
    The mother thinks it was when he met them at the hospital, because she had it on her clothes. Apparantly the father is no “walk in the park” as a parent and husband. more to follow on that…..

  4. I remember hearing about that and thinking how sick do you have to be to shoot an infant. However, we shouldn’t encourage DOJ involvement in crime that have nothing to do with the federal government. The Mathew Shepard Act is stupid because last time I checked murdering someone is always a “hate crime” no matter what the reason. Here
    s to hoping that these people spend the rest of there lives in a very small cell.

  5. You beat me to it, but you wrote a better post than I would have. I’m still trying to cool off a little before I call out the press on this one.

    Sherry West will never be able to get over seeing her child shot to death right in front of her eyes.

    Where is the outrage for this crime? Why isn’t commercial media camped out at the courthouse, demanding that accused defendants have their Constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial observed? Why isn’t the Ayatollah Obama speaking out about the absolute horrific depravity of these two criminals and their parents?

  6. The double standard and reverse racism is alive and well and set back 50 years by the Obama administration.

  7. I remember this case because it happened about an hour north of us. This double standard really ticks me off. Another reason Zimmerman did a good thing so Trayvon could not do this kind of crime…….because he would have.

  8. All- Thank you for the comments, I’m on the road again, and on iPhone, but I DO appreciate the comments I just can’t type individual responses on this @#$% thing.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. I heard the trial is being moved to Cobb County so I expect I’ll see any justice protests outside the courthouse on Marietta square on my drive home…

  10. Obama could have been Trayvon.
    I could have been Zimmerman.

  11. Crimes like there are why my daughter in law has told my son she plans to buy and carry a handgun.

    Women, even more than men, need to support the Second Amendment.