Oh well…

Goth type refused to be counseled by me since I’m a “man” and she wants to be counseled by the female office manager. She claimed “I” wouldn’t understand her issues…


Oh well… — 26 Comments

  1. Probably wanting to gripe about how the male patriarchy is oppressing her and that people look at here weird because of her green hair and body peircings.

  2. Would I be so very awful to hope that her refusal gets remarked on as part of whatever “counseling” is being done here? 😀

  3. Drjim- Nah, her regular attitude…

    Instinct- more the tats than the piercings. And the dresses.

  4. I take it “suck it up buttercup” was deemed inappropriate.

  5. Had one of those assigned to me. Hippy clothes, no makeup, ‘tude, gay, impossible to fire.

  6. You should have wrapped up by telling her she needs to work on her sexism.

  7. Oh the joys of being a man. Hopefully at least you fully documented everything to CYA.

  8. I’m female. Can I pretend to be the office manager? I think Instinct is onto something, and I’d be happy to make goth girl WISH she’d been counselled by you.

  9. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be an acceptable counceling session to go:

    “Look, Gloomhilda, if you’re gonna do stuff, learn how, first.

    “Rippy the Razor says, ‘It’s down the block, not across the street. Do something right for once in your life.'”

    • I like Rippy the Razor and agree totally. The EMT version is “If you intend to do this right, go across the railroad tracks, don’t follow them.”
      Reminds me of someone I used to work with at AOhelL phone support many years ago. The individual, shall we say, wasn’t too tightly wrapped.

      • Crap, got it backwards!
        “Go along the tracks, not across them.”
        Damn, I’m too poor to even pay attention.

  10. Transfer her butt to NCIS and have Mark Harmon talk to her.

  11. How does a “Goth girl” get into a professional position in the first place? But if she’s cute, send her over this way. Attitude adjustments, my specialty.

  12. She would NOT want me being the female manager that “counseled her”. You dodged a bullet there, let her defend her general lack of ability and crappy attitude to someone else.

  13. Had a Problem Child coming from the Schoolhouse. Got the assignment list and called to get the skinny on her. Was told by a instructor she was a three time recycle and threw the sex card every time. Pulled in two of my female FTO’s and gave them the mission to get the Probie straight. Never made it as she got kicked out for blowing the Exit PT test. Would have been interesting as one looked like she came right of the set of the Saprano’s. No sympathy there. 😀

  14. Brigid- Yep… 🙂 Office manager didn’t want to hire her in the first place..

    PA- At least you had options… 🙂