Tank Show…

I’ve had about six responses about the Tank Show this weekend, and Saturday seems to be the preferred day.  I’ve let the coordinator know probably 10 people (hoping a few more decide to jump in).  I’ve also thrown $100 in the registration kitty, so if you decide to come, just pay me back when you get there ($10 a head is the requested donation).

Show website is HERE.

These are the directions from 66 and from 95

Directions- 13946 Aden Road Nokesville VA 20181 540-226-4516

From I-95
1) Take I-95 South to Exit 152 B
2) Follow the signs toward Manassas (Route 234)
3) Take a left onto Bristow Rd ( This will be the first left after Minnieville Rd and you will see Prince William County Landfill on your right)
4) Just after you pass “Crosby’s Crabs” Take a left onto Aden Rd.
5) Proceed straight through the 4 way stop sign
6) The driveway is on the left approximately 1 mile past Cedar Run Creek – new stop light at the bridge at Cedar Creek)

Red brick walls at the entrance on the left, proceed to the marked parking area.

From I-66
1. Take I-66 West to exit 44 – 234/ Prince William Parkway
2. Stay on Parkway until you see signs for 28 South and then exit
3. Go to the 6th Stop light and take a left onto Fitzwater Drive ( You will pass the Target Shopping Center and the Harris Teeter Shopping Center. The Harris Teeter Shopping Center has a large water fountain in front of it)
4. Go to the end of Fitzwater and take a Right onto Aden Road
5. Proceed through the 4 way stop sign (There will be a country store “Aden Grocery” on your left
6. Our Driveway is on the right approximately 200 feet pass the “Speed Limit 45” sign.

Red brick walls at the entrance on the right, proceed to the marked parking area.

If anybody’s coming from the South, I’ll be at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant at the 234 exit at 0830 if anybody wants to join me for breakfast. I plan on leaving there by 0930.

Thanks again to those that responded!!!

Hope to see y’all there!


Tank Show… — 7 Comments

  1. Shoot, I’ll be busy, otherwise that sounds like fun. But the busy is picking my daughter and granddaughter up at the airport, so that’s OK.

    My daughter dated a tank commander, a veteran of Gulf I. Serving inside a metal can that goes “boom!” periodically ruins your hearing. Now she’s married to a Navy veteran – he just has your standard issue male deafness…

  2. PH- Ummm, did you say something??? 😛 At least she moved up in the world!

    Opus- It should be fun, I’ll post pics and a video if I can get a good one!

  3. Just got a kitchen-pass for the event, weather looks good too. Expect the ZERT to make an appearance!

  4. Was there today for their VIP day. Drove a tracked APC…cool in its own Patton kind of way but I’ll stick with mach 2 and my hair on fire. I’ll be out there tomorrow, too!

  5. Bill- ENVY!!! 🙂 I’m meeting up with a couple of people out there tomorrow morning, so if you see a bunch of folks together that might be us! I’ll have on a brown Molon Labe hat and Khaki 5.11s…