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I didn’t do what I preach yesterday, which is never let the gas tank get below 1/3 of a tank…

I damn near got caught on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge because of it.  Why???

Because I was trying to beat the rush hour coming back from an offsite 2 hours away… Stupid, right?

Yeah… So there I am, sitting in traffic when the low fuel light comes on, and it’s sitting dead on empty.  Truly an Aw S!!t moment!!!

Managed to get off the bridge and up the hill to the first gas station on the VA side of the river, pulled in and got hit with ‘this’ little bill…

gas receipt

Yeah, that is a $100 dollar charge… I had 1.7 gallons left, which is good for, oh 23ish miles… And $4.27 a gallon SUCKS!!!

Don’t be stupid this time of year, just stop and fill your damn car up, you never know what traffic is going to do, especially with the last minute vacationers!!!

In other car news, my driver rant has proven to be TRUE!!!

Men who drive blue BMWs are more likely to be aggressive than motorists in any other car, a study claims.

And the peak time for drivers to get angry is 5.45pm on a Friday as they fight the rush-hour – followed by the dismal Monday morning commute.

The likeliest road rage culprits are men aged 35-50 with blue BMW cars, the study of 2,837 motorists found. Drivers also reported run-ins with owners of Land Rovers, Audis, Subarus and Vauxhalls.

Now granted this was in Britain, and they also nailed a color with it, but when you equate the cars listed to the US models, they pretty much match!!!

Full article HERE.   And doesn’t that guy kinda look like Jay without the ‘stash and goatee??? 🙂


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  1. Are you sure you had 1.7 gal. left? My card cuts off at $100. The even amount makes me wonder.

    I agree that $4.27 sucks badly. We could do so much better if it were not for the policies dictated to us on energy.

  2. I try to follow the 50% Rule. Too Bad my Wife seems to think that means a Tank needs to be 100% EMPTY before it gets filled up to the 50% Level.

    And YES, She was Forced to come out to where I was Stuck with a Gas Can in the Past, and She STILL doesn’t get it!

  3. Those are Cali prices! Knock on wood, have never run out of gas. Only because my dad “made sure” I practiced the 1/3 rule.

  4. Speaking of BMWs, you’d think that a very expensive car like that would have directional signals. I don’t think they do because I don’t recall ever seeing them on one of those cars before they cut in front of me. It couldn’t be that BMW drivers are ignorant assholes, could it?

  5. ADM- Doesn’t it though… sigh

    Les- Yeah, BTDT with mine too…

    Brighid- Smart! 🙂

    Jenn- snerk… no comment!

  6. I failed only once to follow the 50% rule when I drove an Expedition. That 32-gallon tank was expensive to fill when near empty. Never made that mistake again! 🙂

  7. Titan- sorry I missed your comment! Yeah, I ‘hope’ that was right, and the pump didn’t cut off at a $$ limit, then I’d really have crapped my shorts!!!

    Rev- Yeah, they do cost a bit!!!

  8. As someone who has driven BMWs for several decades, what can I say except perhaps to point out just how comfortable with, and blind to, some people are with their bigotries. Anti-gunners are the same way.

  9. *ouch* Man that hurts. I hate letting my gas get below 1/2 tank. Besides being prepared, it keeps the fuel pump inside the tank cool.

  10. 23 gallons?

    What are you driving? My big old Grand Cherokee only has an 18 gallon tank….

  11. $4.27 per for supreme? I wish. Regular here is $4.25. Alaska may have a lot of oil; what it does not have is refineries.

  12. It’s a well known “fact” that here in NZ, all Subaru drivers are W***ers!!!

  13. Anon- Good point!

    Brighid/Larry- I’ve got the big motor in the Yukon, it runs a LOT better on supreme!

    Larry- Need the SUV to haul all the crap I carry around at times…

    Bob- Yeah, that too. I was stupid… again… 🙂

    Rick- Yeah!

    drjim- Yukon.

    Hunter- Understood, y’all are as bad as Hawaii!

    Mally- The two times I was in Christchurch, thankfully I wasn’t driving! 🙂

  14. Peace offering: if you really are from the NoVa/DC area, then you should know: the absolute worst drivers around here are those damn blue & yellow van ‘SuperShuttle’ airport maxi-taxis. Not a day goes by that I don’t curse one of those. I swear the company goes out of their way to hire the least competent drivers they can find!

  15. Anon- If you looked at my original rant, VANS are at the #2 position on the list… sigh… And I agree with you!!!

  16. If I pulled into a station to fill up and only had 1.7 gallons in the tank,I’d have to pump 35.3 more of the in to get it filled up.That would bring my bill to $151.05.I’ve never actually seen a station where I could get that much at one time,even if I was paying with cash.

    • Charles- Yeah, I had a GMC back in the day with saddle tanks, 50 gallons… CANNOT imagine trying to fill that beast up today! And I think you’re right…