Another LEO doing good…

You’d think you would see this in the media, right???

A police officer’s heroic rescue of a German Shepherd injured in a car accident has gone viral after he went the extra mile to find the runaway dog.

Officer Nick Ague from South Londonderry, Pennsylvania explained that he came to the rescue because he is a ‘huge animal lover’ and Mya reminded him of his own German Shepherd at home.

The picture of him carrying Mya, who had injured her paws while running away from the accident, became an instant hit on Facebook.

Well it is, in BRITAIN!!! The link from the Daily Mail is HERE!

Friggin US media… sigh…

h/t JP


Another LEO doing good… — 4 Comments

  1. God forbid if it happened in New England where every other town is named after one in GB.

  2. I’ve realized recently that I’m reading more on-line news from Britain to find out what’s happening here in the U.S. – they are doing better coverage than our “journalists”.