Secure Federal Jobs???

If you work for DOD, not so much…

The U.S. Defense Department’s possible plans to fire some 6,300 civilian employees next year if automatic budget cuts continue may just be “the tip of the iceberg,” according to a former budget official.


The job cuts would take place instead of mandatory unpaid leaves of absence known as furloughs, according to a planning document first reported by Tony Capaccio, a reporter at Bloomberg News. The number of layoffs may rise as officials review other sources of overhead costs, according to Gordon Adams, a professor at American University and a former White House budget official during the Clinton administration.

From  full article HERE.

Going along with this is a ‘push’ to tax contractor/consultant’s contracts at up to 10% to ‘offset’ the effects of sequestration. E.g. a defacto pay cut for every contractor/consultant, plus reducing the allowable pay a contractor/consultant can make per year to the equivalent of a GS-15 salary and allowances.  Sounds like a lot until you factor in the overhead most companies charge, then it’s going to be a significant hit to a lot of the consulting force, many of whom were hired for their years of experience and breadth of knowledge.

This is, to me, a tacit admission that the congresscritters are going along with the administration’s plans to gut the military, and reduce our capabilities world-wide.  This in the face of growing threats and more tasking, when at least the Navy and Marines are at the point of not being ready or certified to deploy due to lack of training.

But we know the military doesn’t bring in any democrat votes… sigh


Secure Federal Jobs??? — 12 Comments

  1. Until about 5 or 10 years ago, the understanding (not necessarily unwritten) was that civil service jobs paid less than the private sector, but in return you got things like job security, due process, and respect and honor. Today, this obviously is not the case.

    But I did see it coming 20+ years ago when I handed in my badge to Uncle Sam and went out on my own.

    On my very last day as a Fed, I exited the rear door employees’ entrance/exit, shut the door behind me, and walked directly to my car and drove home. Neither physically nor figuratively did I ever look back at that door; not then, and not in the 20+ years since (though I did have occasion to enter the building via the front door as an attorney for various private sector individuals and corporations).

    That evening, I called my Dad and told him of my decision to leave. Dad told me that he knew that I would one day make that decision, just as he had done in his day.

    The DoD and the IRS and other government agencies are excellent places to get training and experience, but my advice to those who sign on is to build your resume and be ready at a moment’s notice to move onward to your next job.

  2. No suprise really – second term of a Democrat always means the military gets the crap kicked out of them – heck look at “Willie”. That said, I suspect the Big O will feel the need to “earn” some cred by doing something in Syria – probably drone strikes. That will not go down well with anyone – the american people, Iran, Russia, not to mention Syria. He may well hold the final “match” in his hand and I don’t think he’s smart enough to put it back in the box.

  3. It seems that Obie’s plan to destroy America is right on schedule. However, if the cuts keep on keeping on, there may be no one to service them on all their vacations and golf games. Sad for him and his bitches.

  4. You want a secure federal job? Get elected to congress. Damn near lifetime employment, all the kickbacks you can scarf up, plenty of benefits and exemptions that the common folk don’t get, lots of paid time off, no pressure to actually do anything productive … I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

  5. It’s the only way to pay for 50 million Americans on food stamps and to make payments to welfare queens who need their meth.

  6. EO- Excellent points! And good for you!

    Bill- Agreed! And no he’s too damn dumb to not strike it…

    Rev- yep, this is looking to be worse…

    CP- Yep!

    Tim- True, I hadn’t thought of it in that way…

    LL- Yep, and buy votes in the process!

  7. Brains and experience? We don’t need no stinking experts when we are lowering our ability to the rest of the world so they will like us more!

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeap, I remember when having a gov’t job was considered job security over high pay. Not soo much now. I have been reading over at other blogs that the only people that seem to be real excited about Obungler and cabal are the senior officers. The rank and file are silent. They know that he doesn’t have their interest at heart. The senior officers are more interested in getting that next star so they will suck what is necessary. I am very disgusted by their actions. It looks like the lessons from Vietnam have been forgotten. The Officers that were junior officers during that time remembered and swore that they wouldn’t do the same. Now we have the officers that came up since then doing the same thing as their “grandfathers” did. What happened to “Duty Honor Country “?
    On a different note, we need to stay the hell out of Syria, let them kill each other off. Once we show up, it will be the Arabs against the “evil Satan”.
    BTW sorry about ranting on your comments rather than on my blog. Touched a nerve I guess.