Tactics 101…

This whole cluster f**k over Syria is just beyond the pale for the ultimate stupidity being exhibited by the administration…

First- You NEVER tell the opponent what you’re going to do. So far, this bunch has laid out at least four plans down to everything except the actual launch time.

Second- You DO the mission FIRST then talk about it… Not a YEAR after you knew what was being done.

Third- When you tell the opponent, you’ve given up the surprise; so they are going to MOVE your targets. Usually into civilian areas, Mosques, etc.  And they’ll run civilians into the bases to guarantee collateral damage…

Fourth- You’ve gutted the Navy to the point we have ships and airplanes tied to the pier/grounded, and now you’re extending an entire CSG at sea for how long??? The baseline cost is $25M per week with minimal flying, heavy flying is $40M a week. Who is paying for it?  The Navy, so more cuts are being required.

Fifth- Selling it ain’t working, not to the allies OR the American People. Your dithering is NOT helping the world opinion of America, unless it’s to go in a negative (or MORE negative) direction…

Sixth- You’ve been bowing and scraping to the rest of the world, and Putin knows it.  And they are moving ships into the Med to ‘counter’ the American presence…

And Putin remembers THIS incident- He was KGB at the time…

I have no doubt he’d tell his ships to do this again- Do you really think the US will risk this?  Either with a BMD capable ship OR with a sub?  I know what ‘my’ answer is.

In summary, they pretty much can’t screw this up any further than they already have… Unless BO does something else stupid, like committing troops (again)…

Will we even HAVE a country left in 2017? I’m beginning to wonder!!!


Tactics 101… — 9 Comments

  1. “Will we have a country left?”

    If Norman Podhoretz is right (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323595004579062811443943666.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop), Obama’s tactical acumen is pretty good. It’s just not military.

    ” You’ve gutted the Navy to the point we have ships and airplanes tied to the pier/grounded, and now you’re extending an entire CSG at sea for how long??? The baseline cost is $25M per week with minimal flying, heavy flying is $40M a week. Who is paying for it? The Navy, so more cuts are being required.”

    Exactly. Having created a zero (or worse) sum game for the military, this will cause a savage interservice fight for enough money to survive on. Any bets that that won’t damage all services?

    Obama’s failure in Syria will discredit the use of force by the USA, gut the defense establishment and make totally irrelevant any foreign policy involving force projection. At that point, I’m sure the UN would be happy to take the US military off America’s hands.

    The end game will be the candidacy of a radical Dem (Elizabeth Warren is being mentioned) who will carry on Obama’s work and take all the money saved by not having a military to create millions of new government clients, cementing Dem control for decades.

    So maybe Obama’s tactics are pretty good; he just is after a different victory than the one you were thinking of. Total transformation, anyone?

  2. I believe he will “do what’s best” for the country and launch . . . I simply can not see this ending well. We’ll have to hope that Syria shows restraint afterwards . . . wonder how that will work out.

  3. Peter- Hadn’t looked at it in that light, but you’re correct! Dammit!!!

    Bill- Figure the odds…

    Craig- Will do!

  4. He openly campaigned AGAINST the US Navy during the presidential campaign debates. He wants to “fundamentally transform America” – and has been working to that end. And we have this joker for 3.5 more years. It’s depressing.

  5. What’s really sad is that the morons who voted for this guy are only now figuring out that the “change” he talked about isn’t what they wanted.

    After ranting about it for years, I’ve more or less stopped bothering. If the rest of them don’t get it now, they never will.

  6. Zero and his minions screw-up one car funerals on a daily basis. Nothing but incompetence (much of it planned) since 1201, 20 JAN 09. Hence, this is why I’m long on .223/5.56, 9mm, .40SW, .45ACP, 12G, .308, and .300BLK. That’s my answer to the potential madmax era.

    I was talking a with one of the few zero supporters who I call a friend. He is disillusioned about zero, it’s not what he wanted as he informed me. Not saying the choices were any better (cough Juan McLame cough), but everything Romney spoke of last year, is coming true.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    On a light note, I kept wanting to yell “Prepare boarding parties, lash her to the rail and board.” But that is just me I guess.

    On a serious note, I don’t see this ending well, the alliances over there remind me of the alliances in the runup to WWI. We attack Syria, Russia will retaliate, they have to or lose face and Russians don’t do well in that category. We are perceived as “weak” by Putin and crowd. We have this total loser in the whitehouse and he got there by promising free shit to the freeloaders and other liberals. I though Jimmy “the Djimmi” Carter was bad…Obama makes him look like Reagan. At least Carter believed in this country even though his policies were bad.