Two worth your time…

Larry The Flag Man…

Patriot Guard Story…

If ‘we’ lose our First Amendment rights, will videos like these go away?  Will turds like Westboro be allowed to sue to have them taken down?

I don’t know… I really don’t…


Two worth your time… — 10 Comments

  1. I seen the first video many times and it is still potent. And I believe the 1st amendment right is sacred, but I also believe the is the law and then there is the spirit of the law. Just being plain disrespectful and hateful is wrong and I do not believe that is the spirit of the law.

  2. As a Vietnam vet and having seen and been subjected to the vicious vilification upon my return from that political misadventure. I could not finish viewing that video.
    The bitterness and feeling of abandonment that I and my brothers returning felt and saw cannot ever be assuaged by today’s smooth tearful video.
    Sorry, I cannot (will not) deal with it.

  3. Have never seen the second one before. Thank you for posting it. I didn’t want to watch, as my devil doc deployed yesterday to the ‘stan, Again. But I did, because it’s important to hold them all close.

  4. Found an article on the Flagman here:—len_wells_column/

    At the bottom it says:
    “While Larry has never asked for donations to keep his project going, there are costs involved in traveling around the state as well as replacing flags and flag poles.

    For those wanting to correspond with “The Flag Man” his address is Larry Eckhardt, 323 S. Broadway, Apt. 1-S, Little York, Ill. 61453-9788.”