Another follow-up on MD…

Defacto gun registration in MD???

Over the weekend, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and the Maryland State Police released the confidential information of people applying for firearms purchases to five massive state agencies. The stated purpose, according to a police statement Saturday night, was to speed up the processing of a backlog of 39,000 applications.


Citizens of states without such restrictions may wonder why the police are involved at all in the purchase of a firearm. Mr. O’Malley, a Democrat with ambitions for higher office, does not allow federally licensed dealers to have direct contact with the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System. Maryland law demands that a dealer go through the state police for the background check before releasing a gun.

Read the whole thing HERE.

This makes NO sense, but MD is a dem run state… sigh…


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  1. The perils of living in a progressive paradise.

    I’ve heard that Western Maryland has a secession petition going on, much like North Colorado does.

  2. This has got to stop. Gun owners are not to be treated like child molesters. Of course, it might be helpful to criminals to print who does NOT have a firearm in the house.

  3. And here you have reason one million and one why 5 western counties are working on succession. Those that have sense enough to not want the state to take care of them have had it up to their eyeballs.

    • PH, I think you had a freudian typo there. I think the counties are working on secession. But the replacement of Obama (succession) would be a good step also.

  4. Acutally MD has NICS checks for everything like all the other states but handguns or “assualt weapons” also require a state police background check in addition to the federal check. Long guns are cash and carry if you pass the federal check. The backlog is because everyone’s trying to beat the 10/1 deadline when the new law kicks in.

    It is pretty disturbing. NFO I’ll forward yous ome emails with more info if I still have them.

  5. I have to say it–I feel no sympathy for Maryland’s gun owners any longer. They’ve lived there all this time and put up with that stuff for so long, they’ve only themselves to blame. How many gun owners either sat the last election out, voted for some stupid third-party candidate, or voted for the very Democrats that are doing this? If every gun owner showed up on election day and voted his/her freedom interest, Maryland would be a red state today and probably well on it’s way to being the state with the least-restrictive gun laws instead of a blue state with the worst ones. When Maryland’s gun owners decide to get serious and actually do their part as a group, I’ll be ready to help them with volunteer time and money. Until then, though, they can live with what they’ve created and allowed.

    • actually…

      there were protests. i attended the first protest – took a vacation day – with all of the other people who shut down the House, and yet, our local politicians didn’t do what we demanded. they did what they were bullied into doing. those who promised to support us ended up changing their tune. why? because those with more local power forced them into it. i wouldn’t know the first thing about taking this further, but i know Nancy Jacobs is investigating the crap NFO posted about here.

      what would you have people like me do? i can’t leave – the housing market where we live is still too poor to sell. i’ve tried to convince people to vote correctly, to little avail. i’ve managed to convert a few people from antigun to pro-rights, but many, many more people need to get involved.

      it just seems like the majority of the population is against those of us who are pro-gun. and those of us who are stuck can only do so much. i’m not willing to put myself in jail, nor am i willing to commit suicide by police. so i’d love whatever suggestion you can give.

  6. I can’t see pro gun control candidates being viable in a nationwide contest.
    Colorado should be a wake up call to idjits like O’Malley and Christie.

  7. All- thanks. In answer to questions, I’m okay, and currently OCONUS.

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