POW reunion 40 years after…

I’m honored to know a few of these gents, and this is 12 minutes worth watching…

I can’t help but compare these heroes to Kerry… And Kerry does NOT compare well…

I’m off attending a class, AAR to come.

h/t JP, Frito and others


POW reunion 40 years after… — 11 Comments

  1. I know we’ve all said about all that can be said of those men, but they deserved better, and we owe them more than they will be paid. And Kerry’s a [expletive deleted].

  2. WSF:
    Nixon ended the war honorably.
    The Dems then lost it.
    How lost that fact is.
    I’m impressed our host knows some of these guys.
    Iron sharpens iron.

  3. I have strong suspicions that the Current Commander in Chief and Secretary of State will NOT be invited to the reunion.

  4. I can’t help but compare these heroes to Kerry… And Kerry does NOT compare well…

    There are others who compare even less well: G.W. Bush and Dan Quayle (National Guard hideouts); Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton (draft deferments).

  5. Rev/WSF- Agreed!

    Ed- Old fart here, met some of these folks while both they and I were still on active duty.

    Juvat- Oh HELL no…

    CM- You and I are going to have to agree to disagree on Bush… And Clinton actually went AWOL. He lost his deferment and never reported for service.

  6. Video brougth tears. All, men of courage, faith, and honor. I knew and worked for a couple POWs, CDR Stafford and CDR Gaither, while I was at Schools Command in P’cola. Truly an honor. Truly great men and great Americans.

  7. You know I worked with one of the POW when he came back and I have to tell you he did not look that good. His face was all scars up by the surgery he needed to stretch his face back in shape. There wasn’t anything to him. You couldn’t help but cry to see what they did to him. Those men in the film did look pretty much in good shape which I know was not try. These men are all heroes and people I respect.

  8. I mess up a little I meant to say which I know was not true. They were all beaten pretty bad and I’m sure those pictures were taken after they had gotten feed and taken care of. Col Larry Guarino a man I highly respect was one of the pow. I was a little Airman at the time I meant this great hero and I have not forgotten him of his family that had to endure so much especially his wife. They all deserve respect and honor for all they went through.

  9. I started Freedom Quilts project because of serving my country because of what happen on 9/11 and to our POW and now our soldiers and their families. I have never forgotten Col Guarino I was only 19 years old when I meet him and work with him for just a short period of time at Patrick AFB. I will never forget what they did to him and the rest of our POW. These are all heroes in my eyes all of them deserve our respect and should never be forgotten. Col Guarino may not remember me but I sure do him and his lovely wife that was a true Air Force wife she stood by her man she suffer the pain of not knowing whether she would ever see her husband or not but she never gave up on him that is a true awesome lady. My total respect goes out to Mrs. Guarino also.

  10. Betty- Thanks for the comments. It is appreciated, and I know that comes from your heart!