A friend pointed this out to me last night…

Those kids are now around early 20’s…  And it gives me chills…

And they voted for BO…

Nuff said…


Prescient??? — 14 Comments

  1. Couldn’t have said it better, nor believe it more.
    Atten hut! Salute! With tears in my eyes and a nearly inconsolable ache in my heart.

  2. All I know about the Constitution is that it provides me with a free phone, welfare, and a free healthcare plan…

  3. I miss Chuck. A true gentleman. Yes, I am mentoring my children about Freedom, Liberty, Independence, Responsibility and my love of the Constitution. Yes, I keep going over the 4 rules of handling firearms with my children, when we shoot our BB guns. I want to pass this flame on to my children, and I will.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I blame it on the crappy education system, when you have several liberally indoctrinated generations back to back from the school systems, this is what you get. People that have no idea of their birthright and willing to go with “hope and change” because that is all they know.

  5. xS3- Excellent point.

    Rick- Yep!

    LL- Sadly many think just that!!!

    Jim- Thank you!

    Bob- Excellent point Sir! And truly sad too!!!

  6. I did impart such truths to my daughter, some of her friends, and to a number of adult trainees – and their kids.
    Sadly, my daughter didn’t get the chance to pass the flame herself.
    We must continue…


  7. God bless him still my president the current one is a showboating fool.

  8. As a foreign-born, I didn’t know what Bill of Rights was until I moved to the States as a teenager. As a student fortunate enough to go to a private school taught by overqualified, underpaid, quasi-volunteer teachers, I started to understand the significance of the Constitution and the high price people paid. As a naturalized citizen, it saddens me that many of my native-born contemporaries seemingly unable to grasp the price that has been paid. Even my sister doesn’t seem to grasp it, as much as I care about her.

    My “native” country used to see the United States as sort of that wonderful big brother who bullied you at home at times, but who always came to your aid and chased off the playground bully who tried to steal your lunch money. You trusted him because, despite his imperfections and shortcomings, he always had the character and backbone that you could rely on.

    I’m not sure if they see us that way anymore. I certainly don’t see our current administration as earning that credibility.

    Sorry to get on the long-winded soapbox. The character of our country as represented in our Constitution has been a soft spot for me.


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