Shutdown Day 2…

A couple of interesting points have been raised today in various conversations…

First, is this shutdown just one more ‘distraction’ to minimize the failure of Obummercare sign-ups?  If everybody is concentrating on that, they’re not paying attention to all the problems with trying to sign up.

If you want to try something interesting, try accessing through a TOR browser…

Second, in the make it hurt category, they closed all military commissaries world-wide today.

Third, the whole thing surrounding the WWII vets and the Memorial…  It’s now coming out that the people tried to get the administration’s permission and were denied and THEN the barriers went up (WHY?  Park Service is NOT furloughed). This is about as petty as the White House tour thing…

And in the YGTBSM category, I get a work related call just now with a set of what about… questions, after about the sixth one, I finally cut the guy off and told him to go see the guy in charge, it was all already discussed and if he’d been at the meeting he would have know that.  And ‘that’ was the reason he wasn’t in charge… Sigh…


Shutdown Day 2… — 10 Comments

  1. Shutting down military exchanges is just an effort to poke a stick at the military. ObamaNation.

  2. Yes, the shutdown is another convenient excuse for the America-hating administration to hurt the military and veterans, too. Of course it’s deliberate; how could it not be?

    And fewer tweets flowing from the distaff side of the white house? There’s that silver lining we’ve been looking for.

  3. Closing commisaries and AAFES stores? Really? They’re self-supporting. There’s no reason for that. If you go the NOAA website, it’s down too.

    Now, as for the First Lady losing staff, I don’t give a tinker’s damn about that. I never elected her, nor did I hire her.

  4. LL- Yep… AGAIN!!!

    CP- Don’t care a rat’s ass about her, OR her twits er…tweets…

    Rev- Point!

    Paw- You’re right!

    WSF- Yeah, but they don’t care…

    LL- True!

  5. Not just a distraction from the obamacare failures, but also from the Syria fiasco and the other assorted scandals he’s involved in.

    As for the commissary shutdowns, it’s the same as trying to cancel the military academy football games. They’re not funded by the govt, but that doesn’t matter to the rat bastard commies in charge.

  6. Could also be a distraction for TPP. An internet control agreement worse than SOPA/PIPA. The reason Obama is flying to Bali.

  7. Tim- Good point! And I forget whom, but somebody donated $200K plus to pay the airfare!!!

    Mikael- Good point!