Find the Colt…

Some folks just tend to ‘accumulate’ things…


And these are just ‘some’ of the revolvers…

Since all but one of them are S&W, I’ll defer to Tam for further descriptions, but he did drag out one old Colt just for me…

And they did have a ‘few’ semi-autos scattered here and there, along with some other rifles etc…

Just ‘accumulated’ a few things over a few years… 🙂

And these go out to Jay G...

The assault baseball bat…


And the assault hatchet…DSC00415

Some good ol’ boys have WAY too much time on their hands…

Just sayin…


Find the Colt… — 15 Comments

  1. Ed- True… I’ll make that suggestion… 🙂

    LL- When you have to buy another safe?

    Opus- Excellent point!

    WSF- Or not enough??? 🙂

  2. Single action army with black grips pretty much in the middle.

  3. I can only hope and pray to have an assortment of such fine revolvers some day. The S&W Semi’s meh, I could do without ’em except for maybe an original model 39.

    And I am shocked just shocked I don’t see a Python or a Diamondback on that table.

  4. LL- LOL

    Old Surfer- Yep! 🙂

    Mark- He’s a S&W guy… all his 1911’s are Colts though…

  5. I’m guessing the Colt is the SAA 1873 near the center of the picture as I don’t think S&W ever made one.

  6. Mark- That it is!!!

    Duke- Close, 1896 conversion from black powder. And no S&W didn’t…

  7. The Colt SAA is slightly high and right of dead center.

    Respectfully submitted: As to, “Since all but one of them are S&W, . . . .” I’d swear that the two pistolas at bottom center of the image are both Remington models 51.

    ‘Twas great to see you.

  8. The Colt SAA is slightly high and right of dead center.

    Re: “Since all but one of them are S&W, . . .,” spectfully submit that the two at bottom center apear to be Remington models 51.

    ‘Twas grand to see you, Sir.

  9. JPG- Those two semi-autos were actually old Berettas. And it was great to see y’all too!