Shutdown Days 11-12-13…

Zip, zilch, nada out of DC other than hot air…

But the Vets decided to pay visits to various places including the WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.  Pics and article HERE.  And apparently they delivered some “Barrycades” to the White House! 🙂  Had I been in the area, I’d have been there…

I stand with the Vets!

In other news, Blogorado had to come to an early end for me, work intervened (again). THANKS to FarmFam for putting up with us, and hosting us,  feeding us and giving us a much needed break. The usual suspects were here, minus a couple of folks for a number of reasons.  Y’all were missed!!!

Fun times were had, and much money was turned into smoke and noise!  Me on AR50

Down on the AR-50, three rounds to get on target at 750. I’ll take that in 20kts, gusting winds… And I’m not going to tell you the hold, you’d call me a liar…

Me on 03A3

And shooting a SWEET 03A3 at 750, sadly no hits with it, but I scared it a couple of times…  Both those sweet rifles courtesy of Terry.  Thank you Sir!!!

Good friends, good times, and ended way too quickly…  The conversations were much as always, varying between possums, to the wind, to…

And as usual our ‘theme’ song was, “If the wind would just die down, it’d be a beautiful day.”

We had a couple of T&E items thanks to GC and AD, thanks for letting us play with them!

Pics courtesy of Tam.


Shutdown Days 11-12-13… — 11 Comments

    • Unfortunately, no.

      I’m a decent rifleman, but running pronghorns at 450+ yards are beyond my skills.

      Scared the hell out of a couple of them, though.

  1. I have to say those park police in the video really don’t look like they want to be there.

  2. Thank you for everything NFO. It wouldn’t have went nearly as well without everything you did! It was a frantic weekend that was amazingly relaxing due to the folks that made it!

    Jen: That was Terry’s AR-50 so yes you do know that one 🙂

  3. Rev- It was… Needed the break!

    Rick- Amen!!!

    Skip- See below…

    AD- At least you tried!

    Duke- Nope, I don’t think they did

    WSF- LOL…

    Jenn- It is, and missed y’all too!