Trigger time…

Looking at the weather, and the fact it’s getting colder (did I mention I HATE cold)…

I decided it was a good day to go to the range.  Since I haven’t had the revolvers out for a spin lately, I decided to take them and just do a revolvers only range trip…

I’d been practicing with the SIRT pistol the last couple of evenings, and I wanted to see if it really made any difference in my initial shooting too.

pistolsI’ll admit I did start with the .22 Diamondback, and it is truly a fun little shooter!!!

I alternated shooting ‘good’ triggers e.g. Pythons/Diamondbacks, with the less good triggers 1917/Trooper; and boy can you tell the difference!  I shot at least 50 rounds through each pistol, and realized I’m about out of .45LC and low on .38spl all of a sudden.  And only had TWO boxes of .357… How in hell did I let ‘that’ happen???

Based on my few days of ‘training’ myself with the SIRT, I do believe it can make a difference in maintaining proficiency if you’re not shooting real pistols every day.  I wasn’t as ‘scattered’ as normal on the first few cylinders while trying to re-establish the sight picture, front sight, press sequence.

It was time to change out the self defense ammo in the Agent, so I fired that cylinder full of Gold Dots. And since I hadn’t done any speed loader or speed strip work in a while, I did 10 reps of each.  And boy did I SUCK for the first few…

agentPractice, especially at the ‘little’ things takes works and repetitions to get it right and I need to find some .38spl snap caps to do this drill at least on a weekly basis, if not more often.

Got home and cleaned everything, then put the ‘ready’ guns back in their ready positions. Now I’m tired, but it’s a good tired.  Now the search for ammo begins again…



Trigger time… — 14 Comments

  1. Rarely is there any such thing as a bad day at the range (barring accidents). And it sounds like you had a good day.

    Happy hunting for ammo!

  2. Although, to be honest, I have so much loaded right now I’m not buying much of anything.

  3. Opus- Yes it was, even if my wrist is a tad sore this morning!

    Rev- Good point!

    Art- I’ve got them on my search pattern now, thanks!
    I ‘wish’ I were in your shoes, but I’m not allowed to reload (think apartment and liability restrictions)… sigh

  4. Good practice is always time well invested and it sounds like you got in some good practice with some nice revolvers (even if they are “backwards-turning” ones). 🙂

  5. Uh, you interested in adopting a 50ish, bald, fat man? I don’t eat much and am usually good for simple labor. So long as no nail guns are involved.


  6. That’s a very nice collection you have. I have a Colt Trooper, but do not own a Python. Yet.

    The whole speedloader thing requires constant practice. I pretty much gave up on it and just keep two revolvers in my night stand, my theory being that you’ll never reload faster than if you pick up a second gun. I figure I can fight my way to my shotgun in 12 shots. At least I hope I can.

  7. Ed- 😛

    Six- You I could afford, Lu I’m not so sure… 🙂

    Rick- All shooters too!

    Bill- Aren’t we all… sigh

    MJ- Good point! I hadn’t looked at it that way!!!