Range report…

A little training, a little shooting… 🙂 Helped a lady work on some issues with pistols today, she can’t really rack a slide well, so it was try a revolver day. She brought her .22 magnum Ruger, and we started … Continue reading

Range time…

Breaking in new tools… First up, the .45  Threw one… sigh… As usual. Two mags at 7 yards. I can live with this. Put a hundred rounds total through it, last two mags rapid fire to heat it up and … Continue reading


Need some help over here… Situation is two Winchester 94s, one a carbine, one a rifle. One 1962, one considerably newer. BOTH in 30-30. Two fairly competent shooters (Lawdog and myself). Iron sights, from a rest. With this ammo- With … Continue reading

Old School…

Well, at least for the rifles… 1942 as issued Remington 03 on the left, 1940 Model 70 on the right, also in 30.06… An old 2X7 Redfield up top, original Pachmayr recoil pad (I still have the steel butt plate), … Continue reading

Ammo T&E…

Widener’s was good enough to send some ammo my way for T&E. 60 rounds of FGMM 175 grain. Widener’s price point is comparable to others selling this same round (when they can stock it). This is, in my opinion, some of … Continue reading

Range time!!!

So, I snuck out to the range Sunday to help a buddy sight in a couple of rifles to get ready for hunting season… That went pretty well (except for the oopsie of not bringing ammunition for one rifle), three … Continue reading

Range Time!!!

I got to the range Sunday early, because I wanted to do some ammo testing… I was shooting these: “Technically” all three of these are subsonic…  1116.13fps is considered supersonic. Federal Match- 1000fps Eley Subsonic- 1065fps CCI Quiet-22- 710fps Weather … Continue reading

CCI Quiet-22

Picked up a couple of boxes of this at the local gun store… FEATURES & BENEFITS Ultra-quiet plinking round in 22-caliber LR rifles 75% reduction in perceived noise of standard velocity .22 LR Standard CCI .22 LR case Excellent accuracy … Continue reading

Range time!!!

Thanks to Murph, I got a chance to get out to the range and shoot my ‘new’ guns… Well, new to me anyway… Joe, ya done GOOD! As always, clicken to embiggen After fiddling around with the scope and once … Continue reading

Range Report…

Yep, the old guns still shoot… Ten yards, Winchester white box in moon clips.  The 7 o’clock low was the first DA round out of the 1917 Army.  Heavy (12ish lbs) pull.  And the two 6 ring shots were SA … Continue reading