Range time…

Breaking in new tools…

First up, the .45  Threw one… sigh… As usual. Two mags at 7 yards. I can live with this. Put a hundred rounds total through it, last two mags rapid fire to heat it up and seat everything. Trigger right at 5lbs.

First two mags through the 9mm, dropped the first one low. The two sight are slightly different as far as settings… I’ll fix that next range trip when I can shoot off a rest. Put a hundred rounds total through it, last two mags rapid fire to heat it up and seat everything. Trigger a hair over 5 lbs.

And thanks to AEpilot Jim, he brough out the M-82, to allow a young female LEO to shoot one for the first time. She was grinning ear to ear, and just might have said, “I really want one of these.”

A good day, and tomorrow will be cleaning to pay for the fun we had today.

As far as weather, we’re 500 miles north of the hurricane, but we did get some rain from it today. Please keep those folks on the south Texas coast in your prayers.


Range time… — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Any good day at the range is a good day. Next time I actually talk to you, I will inquire about what you paid for those Range officer pistols 😉 Also with the rain tomorrow from the hurricane, staying inside cleaning pistols and watching man movies is a good way to spend a Sunday.

  2. Or working in the shop, provided the e- still flows.

    Thanks for the prayers. I got the boy’s house tied to the ground yesterday, a genset operational, and a bit of cleanup around the property. I slept the sleep of the working man last night!!

    Gusty and raining a bit, but no issues yet.

  3. Can’t stop hearing “Flooding Down In Texas” in my head. Hope you don’t get washed away, even as far away as you are.

  4. I’m glad you & the neighbors are that far from the Harvey stuff – but keep your powder (and everything else) dry. Range-wise, looks like a good day was had.

  5. Point that female LEO at the CDNN ad Tamara posted the pother day, buy a Barrett get a Colt 6920.

    Hope everyone stays safe and dry.

    Haven’t gotten The Call yet, but I’m going to dig my Go bag out just in case…
    …Hope they don’t put us on a rusty old bucket of a troop ship like last time, that might be a deal breaker!

  6. Bob- Copied all.

    STx- Stay safe, sir!

    w- If it gets up here, we’re ALL in trouble! 🙂

    Rev- Other than my lousy shooting, yes…

    Drang- LOL, actually we did. And rusty buckets suck!!!

    GB- LOL, good point!

  7. You’ve got to be very careful, letting females shoot firearms. First, because they tend to be very good at it, since they don’t come to the line thinking that they already know everything, so will listen when you tell them how to do it. And second, because then they wind up wanting guns of their own!

    For example, have two Minions who love shooting the Kimber Pro Carry, to the point that they have decided that they need lightweight, commander-length 1911s for when they graduate high school and head off to college next year. (Got the first one in progress, and the second on layaway at my local enabler’s shop.) A third Minion, a little tiny “almost 14 years old” (her 13th birthday was in June) loves to shoot the bird’s head Vaquero in .45 Colt, running a 300 gr. bullet @ 900 fps like a champ! And she keeps trying to steal it, when she thinks I’m not looking. Thus, I’m squirreling away parts to build her one of her own, so that hopefully I can keep mine!
    And all three of them are intent on keeping me at the loading bench, to keep them supplied with 7mm-08 ammo for their hunting rifles.