The real Antifa…

It’s nothing new…

And it’s Communist inspired…

These groups, oftentimes launched from the aforementioned housing estates, were generally called “Antifaschistische Ausschüsse,” “Antifaschistische Kommittees,” or the now famous “Antifaschistische Aktion” – “Antifa” for short. They drew on the slogans and orientation of the prewar united front strategy, adopting the word “Antifa” from a last-ditch attempt to establish a cross-party alliance between Communist and Social Democratic workers in 1932. The alliance’s iconic logo, devised by Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists members Max Keilson and Max Gebhard, has been since become one of the Left’s most well-known symbols.

From the Jacobin Magazine article, HERE.

Bottom line, they will dream big (remember the ‘threat’ of 10,000 protesters at the Trump rally? And they got, what… A hundred?), but will fail because they have NO plan other than tearing down America.

A second good article is via Grunt Works Media, HERE.

If you go read the Wiki, HERE, it very carefully fails to mention the Communist background, and only touts the successes… If you will…

If you follow the money, it’s interesting how it all points back to Soros and his minions…

From the Gateway Pundit, HERE.

Breitbart, HERE.

New American Govt., HERE.

And remember McAuliffe’s plea after Charlottesville? “Protesters need to leave, you are not wanted.” It has been reported, although I can’t find the link now, that at least some of the inauguration protesters also showed up at Charlottesville. They’re being paid… There is not any way they could move around the country and do all these protests without some backing…

From this last weekend, in Leesburg, VA there was supposedto be yet another protest-

For those unfamiliar with Leesburg the Confederate statue that has people upset sits on the grounds of the Loudoun County Court House which, in turn, sits in the NE quadrant of the intersection of King St. (Route 15) and Market St. (Route 7). 

Across King St. from the statue is The Downtown Bar, known for it’s clientele who favor 2-wheel transportation.  Bar window sports a sign “Better here than across the street.”  My information came from 2 friends who had “ring side seats.”

Sometime in the morning a van  passed north on King and a cellphone was held out the front passenger window.  Photo recon?  Who knows?

At any rate the customers in the bar and the deputies on OT rolled out.  Bikers on the sidewalk; deputies on courthouse grounds.

About 10 minutes later same van followed by another were waiting at the King/Market intersection.  They made the turn on northbound King … slowed down … one van slid open its side door … and quickly shut it.  Both vans picked up speed.  As they passed Cornwall Street a troop of cavalry … er … motorcycles fell in behind them.  Lead bikes were LCSO officers.  Vans were followed to Point of Rocks bridge and the MD state line.

Thus ended the Day Of Action in Leesburg.

Van plates were run; rentals.

Note the last line, above…

Where does it end? Personally, I think it is liable to end much like some of the European countries, where either law enforcement, or locals take care of the problem themselves. And antifa disappears from that area for a generation…

So far, all of the ‘violent’ protests have been in gun free zones, or areas where the local .gov supports them for the most part. However, if they try that in flyover country, I think they will be met with a ‘different’ reception…

And I’ll leave you with this one… Ask your lefties what they want to do with this statue…

h/t Stretch for the pic


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  1. The number of ‘useful idiots’ grows exponentially. It’s what the Progressives have wanted ever since dumbing-down the nation’s school curriculum 100 years ago. But one thing they haven’t eliminated is the Law of Unintended Consequences: they began all this ANTIFA garbage one generation too soon. There are plenty of us who still care about the nation & its Constitution. And the pushback has only just started.

  2. The statue thingy makes my head hurt. Soros is a fool giving out a fool’s money. I cannot stand the division he stands for all in the name of what he feels should be right and just. It’s such a crock and no one can see through it. What the hell is wrong with people? Great article from Gruntworks and the others. Isn’t it amazing so many people think Antifa is good? How can they not see that either. It is amazing people think violent actions are going to change the world. I suspect MLK is rolling over in his grave.

  3. About the buffalo soldier monument?
    I realize that was probably rhetorical, but: Black trumps Native American. No contest in either perceived victimhood or (more importantly) in votes.

    But muslim trumps black, as we saw in reporting of that Kori Ali Muhammad guy in California.

  4. So, does anyone know which it is: anti as in tie or anti as in tee? Plus ‘fa’ – as in a long long way to run or ‘fay’ as in dunaway (yes I know she uses an ‘e’)
    Seriously, they can’t even figure out how to pronounce the name of their group. Without soros money they will dry up. Rev. Paul, they may be ‘growing exponentially’ but as in the Leesburg incident, most all of them will quietly fade away when confronted. NOT like in C’ville where the coppers were told to not interfere unless or until ordered. Or judicious use of pepper ball rounds….

  5. I trust most of us know the Gen. “Black Jack” Pershing got that name because he commanded the 10th US Cavalry, a Black Cavalry unit. Buffalo Soldiers.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    I had blogged about antifa a lot over the past few weeks, they are the foot soldiers of Soro’s. if they had continued another generation, then they might have been successful. They were expecting the *PIAP to get coronated and they could have continued their slow march to full socialism and the accompanied laurels of such an event. But Trump got elected and the left threw on a full temper tantrum and totally jumped off the tracks. Now the people that know what is going on and have a clue are alerted now, it will be much more difficult to push their agenda now.

    *Pig in a pantsuit

  7. Last Saturday we had a guy call in to the show who had a day laborer working for him. Came out in conversation wit the help that he had been to Charlottesville to protest. He was asked why.
    He said the money was too good to pass up. $1500.

  8. Maybe if the Indians tore down the statue to the negro soldiers, the communists would get the message?


  9. Kenny has a link with some good info.

    I don’t know about the website, but the content looks legitimate. And it’s well known how certain liberals have been manipulating social events for their twisted goals for some years now.