Range report…

A little training, a little shooting… 🙂

Helped a lady work on some issues with pistols today, she can’t really rack a slide well, so it was try a revolver day. She brought her .22 magnum Ruger, and we started with that, then worked through some different revolvers, and how to load a cylinder with both speed strips and speed loaders.

By the time we were done, with Lawdog working on the trigger pull with a laser grip, her groups were under four inches, and everything was minute of bad guy, with everything she shot! So if anybody has a spare S&W Model 60 with a three or four inch barrel, we can make a good home for it… 🙂

On breaks, I put a few rounds down range, with small, medium, and large pistols…

Agent at 5 yards, and yes, it’s a belly gun… sigh… 5 inch group

Diamondback at 7 yards, 3 inch group

Python at 10 yards, 3 inch group

And just for S&Gs… Brought out the old SAA. 3 inches at 10 yards. 

BUT, I have to admit Lawdog out shot me with it at 10 yards! But he cheated, he used a two handed grip… 🙂

So fun was had, everybody is more relaxed and smiling, and I’m calling this one a win all the way around!


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    And with you and Lawdog there, I am sure the stories you regaled that lady with while y’all worked with her.

  2. There is a natural difference in group between single action and double action – one-hand and two hand grip.

    But well done. They were ALL kill shots.

  3. Where does one sign up for shooting lessons from you and LD?

  4. LL- Yep… As I proved with the Agent vs. the DB and Python… sigh

    Skip- Thank you!

    JMI- Come on by… LOL

  5. This option may not be suitable for a carry/self-defence gun, but my wife had similar issues with insufficient grip strength to rack a slide.

    Then I fitted a slide racker: simple piece of alloy mounted in the rear sight dove-tail, projecting out to the left less than an inch.
    Drape a finger (or two) of the left hand over the racker, then pull smartly rearwards and release. Obviates any need for *gripping* the slide, as it relies on the finger *joints* not *palps*.

    Should be simple to build a version with a rear sight on top, so there is no loss of functionality.

  6. Massad Ayoob taught his daughters a technique for racking a slide that works very well. Hold the pistol alongside your leg at arm’s length. Reach across your body to grab the rear of the slide. Rotate the upper body to draw the slide back. (Somewhere, I’m sure there are pictures and/or video demonstrating it.) I saw one of his daughter’s demonstrate the technique somewhere (Second Chance, maybe?) and she was a tall-but-skinny 13 year old at the time. Worked like a charm!

  7. Thanks for breaking out the cornucopia of wonders… I mean, bringing things out of your gun safe! And for letting me try some of ’em!

    I may like my carry gun, but it will never be as pretty as your python, or have as nice a trigger!

  8. Sendarius/RS- Both good ideas, but she’s just more comfortable with a revolver, so that’s the path I think we’re going down.

    Dot- You are most welcome! I have other ones too…LOL

  9. While I recognize the benefits of high capacity autoloaders, I’ve found the .38 snub to be practically unnoticeable for EDC. Socks, shoes, shoulder holster, shirt… in the last four years, it has been as much a part of me as my glasses.

    Sure, if I’m ever in a situation where I need it, I’ll wish I had more power and more ammo. I’ll wish I had my Kalashnikov, its drum, and the six-pocket chest pouch of magazines.

    Instead, I will have the little 5-shot .38.

    Because it’s *always* there, from the time I get dressed in the morning until I get undressed at night.

    Most of my meatspace friends got their carry permits years before I did. They bought trendy 9mms and .40s. And carried them most days for a few weeks, intermittently for a few months, quit carrying, and let their permits lapse. They used to make fun of the .38, until I started asking them what they were carrying right then. Five beats nothing.

  10. A double-action revolver: The original “point-and-click” interface!