Range time!!!

So, I snuck out to the range Sunday to help a buddy sight in a couple of rifles to get ready for hunting season…

That went pretty well (except for the oopsie of not bringing ammunition for one rifle), three of four sighted in, and the fourth needs to go to a gunsmith. The scope was banged somehow or the other and it’s probably 5 degrees off to the left (and no ammo).

I got one string in on the HBAR, and just reconfirmed I’m too damn old to shoot irons… sigh

HBAR sight picture

There IS a target out there! (Somewhere)…HBAR1


Fired at 100 yards, rifle sighted for 200 yards. Two sighters, ten rounds. UGLY!


I did run into Dave Conrath, USA Shooting FCT member (I’ve shot with him at Quantico), and he was gracious enough to show off his new ‘stick’!

The pictures DON’T do it justice, it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Custom rifle 1

Custom built F Class rifle in .308, Nightforce target match scope.Custom rifle 2

He’s in load development and looking at increments of 1/10th of a grain. This was the ‘best’ load he’d had so far… 12 shots at 300 yards, just over 2.5 inches. And the rifle is not even finished it’s break-in period.load testing 2


As an OBTW, Team USA beat Ireland, Canada, the Brits, and Aussies to win the Creedmore Cup again last month in Ireland! In 20-30kt gusting winds!!!

He said the Irish were routinely cranking in 20-30 clicks of windage, THEN fine adjusting from there!!! (I suck at trying to dope out a 10 kt shifting wind)


Range time!!! — 16 Comments

  1. Do you know whose stock is on that rifle?

    Exactly what I am looking for….

  2. It’s been about 8 years since I could use iron sights on a rifle. All of my long arms are fitted with optics. Handguns require the use of reading glasses to see the front sight.
    Growing old is not for wimps, you gotta be tough to take all the insults and injuries handed out by father time.
    On a better note, my copy of “The Gray Man; Changes” arrived yesterday It’ll be a while working through that tome.

  3. I haven’t shot for score with iron sights since ROTC; and trying to wrangle a slot on the Army Service Rifle Team.

    F-Class appeals to my inner gun dork; but, a Scout is Thrifty.

  4. That is a good-looking stick.

    And, my iron-sighted rifles were retired about five years ago. This getting old ain’t for sissies.

  5. I haven’t given up on iron sights, yet. As long as I can see the target, that is. 🙂

    That red shootin’ iron is drool-worthy.

  6. WTF you been hiding those gorgious devices for? I would have married you had I known..nuts.

    Those are most awesome and what fun you had! Range days are crack therapy.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Something about an “old School AR”. I have to use glasses when I use iron sights….bites getting old…. and that is a very nice “stick” there. Too rich for my blood…but a nice stick non the less.

  8. Fargo- LOL, ‘crack’ therapy… 🙂 I couldn’t afford the ‘good’stuff!

    Bob- Yep…

    WSF- Sure, sure… 🙂

    Ed- It’s old eyes. Can’t do the focus back and forth.

  9. Boy howdy, have I been down this road. Got my NRA Highpower Master card in 1990 (shot both Service and Match rifle, built my own AR). Before that, I had to get a set of these—


    I tried having lenses for my glasses made with the optical center located where I was looking while shooting, but I’m far-sighted, and there was too much distortion. I need to have lense centered and perpendicular to my line of sight.

    I can still hold my own with my regular glasses (tri-focals) shooting my M1 Garand (longer sight radius). However, the buckhorn rear sights on lever guns are just about useless.

    Have you ever tried one of these?—

  10. One of the nice things about retirement – you will be able to go to the range during the week. And often. I may still suck but at least I have time to work with both a scope and iron sights now.