Sequestration just gets better and better…

Everyone who’s knowledgeable about Navy operations has known this for a while, but now even the Submarine Commanders are publically admitting to the shortfall in US submarines…

There are not enough fast-attack and guided-missile submarines in the Navy’s arsenal to meet the needs of combatant commanders around the globe, senior service officials said at the 2013 Naval Submarine League symposium, Falls Church, Va.

“Combatant commander demand for these ships far exceeds what we can supply,” said Vice Adm. Mike Connor, Commander, Submarine Forces, speaking to audience members at the symposium.


In total, the Navy has 73 submarines, including 14 nuclear-armed Ohio-class submarines, or SSBNs; four Ohio-class submarines converted to conventionally armed guided-missile boats, or SSGNs; 42 Los Angeles-class fast attack submarines, or SSN; three Seawolf submarines and 10 Virginia-class submarines, also SSNs.


By comparison, the Navy operated many more submarines in the 1980s, operating a fleet of more than 100 SSNs, among others, Navy officials said.

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Based on the ‘goals’ of the administration, the Navy will be below 250 ships and subs combined by the end of this administration… A FAR cry from President Reagan’s 600 ship/sub Navy, but the interesting point is, although we did ‘win’ the cold war, our adversaries have NOT reduced their building rate on subs, and the Russians are now back in the game with newer, more capable subs and more planned…

The ‘other’ stuck in fork is the lack of $$ for maintenance, across ALL platforms; ships, subs, acft, and helicopters are all feeling the pinch of a maintenance shortfall that is estimated at around $750M.  Trust me that is a LOT of maintenance (and unlike the USAF, all these units are routinely exposed to salt water and the associated corrosion that goes with it)!!!

So in addition to the lack of respect, we have a hollow force; not enough assets to get the job done, and it we DO get it stuck in somewhere, not enough support to get our folks out of trouble.  At this point I think we’re on the verge of making our Navy ships/subs/airplanes the equivalent of sacrificial lambs ready to be slaughtered by a superior force.


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  1. This is endemic across all the services. The Army heavy Mec. divisions are for the most part in depot storage or the DRMO. What we have left are light armored cars (the stuff every army but Japan rejected as useless by 1940).

  2. Actions in real life have real-life consequences, unlike academic exercises in ivory halls. I have come to be believe that the administration knows but doesn’t care; this is their deliberate goal. But they seem to also think that America’s stature can be lowered without adverse effect, yet there are many opposing forces who are waiting for a hole in our shield which they can exploit.

    Morons in DC.

  3. “There are more welfare recipients in America than there are people earning a wage.” – Carl Rove on the Bill O’Reilly show last night.

    It’s all about buying votes these days and building and maintaining a military doesn’t buy votes. Putting people on welfare and keeping them there does buy votes.

  4. Dismal economy, purges of the military, hollow promises to the masses?

    I know I read about that in history class, but I just can’t place what country that was.

  5. Ray- Understood, thanks (I’m kinda out of the loop on Army stuff).

    Rev- Excellent point!

    LL- All true… dammit…

    Gerry- Good point wasn’t that er… Germany??? About 80 years ago???

    WSF- Understood, and thanks.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    I believed the term was “crossdecking” that was the term that the navy used to survive during the carter years. Now it is worse, maintenance is necessary but it ain’t sexy so it gets pushed off while the latest “gee-wiz” stuff still gets funding because it has a political constituency. I believe that this will be worse, Carter was naive, Obama is malicious

  7. Bob- You’re right… Friend of mine crossdecked America to Kennedy to Saratoga, spent 18 months in the Med, much to his wife’s disapproval, till she saw the money he came home with, then all was forgiven… 🙂 Carter was a micro-managing Nuke, you’re right on BO though…

  8. He’s just doing what Jimmy Carter would have done if he got a second term. And of course what Bill Clinton did with the “peace dividend”. Destroying our military to give stuff to people who don’t feel like working.


  9. For the life of me I can’t see the difference between what Teh 0ne is doing and what a Soviet sleeper agent would do. OK, a Soviet agent would speak better English.

  10. Increasingly, I see something like Heinlein’s invented universe in Starship Troopers coming to pass.

    How much longer before the military – the warriors, not the desk-warmers – say “enough” and change the rules of politics?

    Or maybe it will be the makers, the workers, the productive people that will say “no job, no vote”.

    I am sure that we won’t like the process, but the outcome?
    I am guessing many would welcome a requirement to EARN the power of the vote.

  11. Sendarius- Good question, which may be why this administration has been ‘weeding out’ Generals and Admirals who don’t drink the koolaid… OBTW, heading for your stomping grounds next month.