And the Chinese are stepping up…

In response to Sequestration, we have a fairly significant release of information from the PLA(N). ¬†Interestingly, NOTHING in the MSM on this… Only the Daily Mail in London bothered to cover it (along with the BBC and SkyNews)…

For more than 40 years, its fleet of nuclear submarines has been shrouded in mystery.

But now, China has unveiled the older generation of vessels, which can fire destructive rockets from under the sea.

The country disclosed the fleet – one of its most secretive military programs – for the first time in four decades as a sign of its growing strength and confidence.

Full article HERE.

Anybody still think we have ANY respect in that part of the world???


And the Chinese are stepping up… — 9 Comments

  1. Nope. The Steve Urkel Presidency pretty much relegated us to Second-World status and made us the overt laughing stock of the United Nations. We’re following Great Britain right down the rat-hole of irrelevancy while China and Russia ascend to dominate the world stage.

  2. I’d think that you’d be a bit more grateful to President Obama. An emboldened PLA(N) with enhanced capabilities and aggressive will provide you with years of job security. In fact, when the Obama Administration puts you into the work camp, I’m sure that they’ll let you keep your old occupation rather than working on the pea farm hoeing weeds as part of the chain gang…or maybe not.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Nothing like being relegated to 2nd class status by Obungler. The pisser is that the next president will have an uphill climb to regain the prestige that the annointed one pissed away. Unless the lowinfovoters push Hillery on us…then it will be more of the same.

  4. I’ve noticed in recent months that I get a lot more US news from Daily Mail than from US sources…

    • The Daily Mail has definitely been giving classes in US coverage.

  5. So we get a news story on top USN officials saying we don’t have enough subs, followed shortly by a story on the undersea wonder weapons of the PLA.

    Sorry but the spook part of me smells a rat.

  6. Murph- Yep… sigh…

    LL- With ‘my’ luck, I’ll be on the chain gang…

    Bob- THAT I don’t even want to think about… damn…

    PH/Hunter- Yep!

    Gerry- The only rat here is in the administration… Just sayin…

  7. “Anybody still think we have ANY respect in ANY part of the world?”

    There. Fixed it for you.

    This is exactly why progressives should never be in charge of anything. They hate themselves so much, that they feel that everyone should share in their misery, and therefore destroy everything they touch.

  8. This might explain why RUSSIA and JAPAN are having “Mutual Defense Meetings.” So the Japanese are looking to MOSCOW to back them up against the ChiComs?

    Way to Fucking Go, Obama.