A must read…

Via Borepatch, you really need to read this one…


It just proves the ‘real’ traditions of the Navy are alive and well in that they truly take care of shipmates, young AND old…

RIP EM2 Cloud, the kids are picking up the tradition you helped start…


A must read… — 13 Comments

  1. What a class act! The skipper and crew of the Dewey deserve a HUGE Bravo Zulu! Continuing in the BEST traditions of the Navy!

    Thanks to you and Borepatch for sharing this! It made my day!

  2. Shipmate, you just brought back many memories I had with older veterans. I specifically remember on memorial day I had duty, being the only air controller on duty and having WWII vets on board for a wreath laying ceremony I was tasked with coordinating with an HSL to have them buster into mayport basin, hover, drop the wreath, and conduct a fly by while rendering honors to the vets. I didn’t make it to the 4th paragraph in you post before my eyes watered.

  3. N91/Tim- Yep, and thank BP… I just camped on to what he’d found!

    Bill- That it is!

    Six- Yep, it was!!!

    Senior- BTDT too…

  4. That is the way the real military is, fine reception and send off. Very fine.

  5. *sniff…durn allergies, my filter must be clogged again.

    Very good story, that is what the Military is about. Tradition and heraldry. Such story are good for the new sailors, it shows them what it is about. The special bond of the brotherhood.