Fox vs. Mice…

This is a ‘strange’ one… 🙂

I could probably turn this into something about how bad a failure this administration is, since it has NO orientation…

But I won’t…

My body clock is AWOL again, so it’s 8 pm and I’m wanting pancakes… Except I have none in the house…


Traveling the day before a holiday was an ‘experience’ in addition to the normal 18 hours on an airplane.  I usually try my damnest to stay OUT of airports on major travel days, and yesterday just re-enforced that!!!

Two hours late out of Sydney meant my leisurely three hour layover suddenly became a really SHORT layover, and dealing with bags the usual PITA.  Since I’d been on the road two weeks, I didn’t have my normal carry-on bag, instead I’d checked a bag.  FORTY minutes after we landed, my bag finally showed up, and then had to stand in line to clear customs.  Finally got the bag re-checked as I was supposed to be boarding…

OJ through the airport to the TSA Pre-Check line, thankfully it was VERY short (3 people), as the regular line was probably 50+.  Made it to the gate with 5 minutes to spare as they were getting ready to close the door.

Crowded does not even begin to describe it!  LAX is a cluster on a quiet day, and yesterday it was not quiet.  Saw a lot of kids traveling by themselves, which makes me wonder where their parents are, or what the hell they are thinking.  I think it’s a pretty damn sad state when I kid gets shuffled off care of the airline on a day like that.

One older lady was totally confused, didn’t know what gate she was supposed to be at, and I ‘think’ she was at the wrong airline too.  A United gate agent was leading her away as I got to the gate, so hopefully she made it to where ever she was going.

Got to DC, and more waits for bags, and again crowds, crowds and MORE crowds…

Then a wait for the taxi (in a short sleeve shirt and blazer is NOT the way to stand in 30ish degree weather and snow flurries).

Finally home about 2200, lay down and couldn’t go to sleep for anything…

Thanksgiving was quiet, I stayed in and did not shop for a single thing!  Read the paper, watched the football games (Cowboys won, Yay!), and dug through two weeks worth of email.

I upgraded and actually had a TURKEY pot pie too!  Not my usual slumming with a Chicken pot pie… 🙂

I hope all of y’all had a good day yesterday, and have a quiet weekend coming.  If you’re traveling, stay safe and watch out for the idjits out there!!!


Fox vs. Mice… — 17 Comments

  1. Jim – We are glad you were able to make it back Potomac-side to enjoy a few morsels of turkey. We here at NAS Poliakonia are thankful for our “Skinny Dragon” connection to you. – Joe and Dolores Poliakon

  2. Joe- Thank you!

    Peter- You and me both!

    Ed- Matter of fact… sigh

    WSF- To see friends yes, for work not so much… 🙁

  3. I am glad you are home and safe, and enjoyed your trip.

    Reloaded M1 clips while watching the games, 2014 is going to be a very good year for known distance.

  4. After trips through multiple time zones I usually end up wanting pizza for breakfast, but I guess pancakes for supper is the same thing.

    Good to know you made it back home okay. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  5. Brunch For Lunch is a big hit at the elementary school lunch program. They do it about twice a month and it sells out every time. Glad you got home safe.

  6. Glad to hear you’re home safe and sound.

    Well safe, at least!

    Traveling is one of the things I do NOT miss about one of the jobs I had.

    Too many holidays away from home and loved ones is no fun…..

  7. Earl- Yeah, I need to get on that myself…

    Jenn- Thanks!

    Rev- You and me both!

    CP- Don’t have them up here, but I’ve eaten in more that one WH!!!

    Tim- Thanks, and now I want pizza… Grrrr…

    Opus- Thanks, and I didn’t know they were doing things like that!

    D- Good point… Been doing it for way too many years… sigh

  8. Good that you’re home safe Jim. Have a good, “what’s left of the weekend” Got 500 .45 APC brass all prepped an ready to load tomorrow.

  9. Glad you made it home OK. Only thing that would have been worse was to have missed your connection and had to spend Thanksgiving at the airport.

  10. Dude! I’m 10 minutes for IAD. Call and I’ll pick you up. No waiting. E-mail for phone number.