Listen to this interview…

But take your BP meds FIRST!!!

And people wonder why we carry… Kudos to the individual who DID step up and do the right thing, putting the bad guy down and saving those employees…

Talk about ‘entitlement’ mentality… GAH…


YGTBSM!!! — 10 Comments

  1. Just an innocent kid, running with the wrong crowd.
    Pointing guns at people.
    Not really hurting anyone.
    Just demanding their stuff.
    And threatening to shoot them.
    And nosy someone stepped in and shot him for that!
    It’s not fair.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Welcome back to the US of A.

    That was a good news article, it was actually favorable to a lawful gun owner…but it is *Da South*. You seen the picture of the perp. He already had the “gangsta attitude” already on display. I believe that he would have shot an employee to build street creed with his fellow homies. Now the lawful gun owner will probably have to defend himself against a civil suit from the parasitic family who sees a “ghetto lottery” judgment. They believe that he should not have been involved, but that is the problem nowadays, nobody want to be involved. I remembered reading something about the entitlement urban community, they believe that “jarious” should not car jack cars…but they believe more strongly that “Jarious” shouldn’t get shot for carjacking a car.

  3. I started to say, “if the perp’s family keeps squawking for “justice”, then perhaps they’ll wind up with the same justice that he got.” But I guess that’s a bit harsh.

    Isn’t it?

  4. It’s a shame taxpayer money will be used the to prosecute the armed robber.

    My best recommendation is for the heroic citizen to spend more time at the range and next time aim for the neck, right at the base of the skull.

  5. It sounds as if the citizen had crappy ammo or didn’t place his shots. Not that I’m sad about it, but “White” should be laying on a stainless steel table in the morgue.

  6. The puke was just following the best career path available because he is the victim of our racist society. The shooter should be charged with, at a minimum, an OSHA violation. Oh, there is no sarcasm font? My bad.

  7. Ed- Yep… sigh

    Bob- Thanks, and you’re probably correct…

    Rev- They’re going to ‘go for the gold’ I’m betting…

    Jess- Yep, could have saved some bucks…

    CM- As always, turning their lives around, bad crowd… yada, yada…

    CP- I don’t think it was lack of trying…

    LL- Point!

    WSF- Yep, dead on WSF, and we REALLY ‘need’ a sarcasm font… sigh