Gunny strikes again!

Bottom line, regardless of WHAT you carry, carry it everyday…

It just might save your life!

At it appears my post yesterday set off you know who… 335 by this morning…  Total last WEEK was only 92…


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  1. Both today’s and yesterday’s post are very read worthy. Keep The Faith…

  2. Glock putting Staff Sergeant Ermey in commercials? As if we needed another reason to buy their pistols.

  3. Your “really bad puns” post from May is on fire. Somebody may have linked, or it got super popular through google.

    Next in popularity is your home page. That is really good. Means you have a lot of loyal readership.

    “Coinkidink” is not showing much activity. Unless your google hit count on your overview page disagrees with the site meter.

    I did an experiment with my blog a ways back. If you click from one of those URL hiding websites, site meter does not show the visit, nor feedgit. I have a number of URL-hiding visitors. They show up as phantom page-reads through google, hence why my google visit count is about twice as high as my site meter visit count.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I missed that one while I was doing the Gunny Commercials early this morning. They are all good:) And Glock couldn’t have gotten a better spokesman. And your “bad pun post” was well..Good if you know what I mean.,

  5. Another case of victim selection failure. 🙂

    Re the spam count, consider it a good thing. At least you’ve gotten noticed. 🙂

  6. Joe- Thanks!

    da Truth- Gunny IS a proponent of Glocks, and he gets to have fun!

    LL- Some have NOT learned that lesson (yet)…

    Opus- Thanks! I really don’t worry about that stuff… 🙂 But it does make sense on the TOR type browsers, and the difference between sitemeter and Google.

    WSF- Yep!!!

    Bob- Glad I could help out! 🙂

    Rev- LOL, but I’d FINALLY gotten back down to a manageable number… sigh

  7. I’m actually disappointed. I wanted Gunny to chew them out and “smoke” them.

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