Contrary numbers…

While out and about today I heard the statistic on the radio that only 35% of homes now own guns and that 68% of Americans ‘favor’ gun control…  Needless to say, I felt this was a ‘tad’ slanted…  And since I have no idea who the commentor was, I don’t know the background but I can guess…

I did find this list from Business Insider, and it’s pretty interesting HERE.

It takes a bit to load and get through the blather, but it’s a fairly interesting set of polls.

Now I’ll be the first one to admit I don’t tend to believe polls, because they are notorious for giving the ‘desired’ answers based on the way questions are asked, and to whom…

But it’s better than putting up a blank white space, cause I’ve got zip, nada right now…

Apparently I got 22K hits yesterday from over the bad puns…  That’s pretty sad when PUNS get the most hits I’ve ever seen… 😀



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  1. It just happened that I visited Borepatch a few minutes ago.
    It just happened that both of you are having a blank day.
    It just happened that I’m down to my last beer.
    I’m going to my room now.

  2. Being completely disarmed myself, I suggest that the number of people who CLAIM to have firearms may be skewed.

  3. Rick- There IS that…

    MJM- Thanks! 🙂

    Skul- NOT good… 🙁

    Keads- Yeah, strange is right…

    WSF- Probably, he was a cynical old bastard (reminds me of a few folks ‘I’ know)…

    LL- Uh huh… 😀

  4. Hey Old NFO….

    Yeap the puns were interesting….And as far as statistics go….”Guns….What Guns…? Whatchatalkingabout Willis?

    On a serious note..I bet the percentage is much higher, and they tell nobody…Why take the chance that your neighbor will turn you in for extra rations down the road or if there is a neighborhood squabble and in a fit of anger, they tell “da Man” that you have guns…and you get visited by the merry boys in black with tragic results.

  5. Statistics and polls are only representing what the presenter wants them to show. I only read them with tongue in cheek.

  6. Statistics are funny things…

    Easy to manipulate, especially when the exact wording of the questions that were asked have to be backtracked through multiple sources (and when you do, they were quite skewed). The polls that were quoted were all ones that people have gone through in the past and pulled apart for having been somewhat to very biased (from what I remember when each of them came out).

    I’d also guess that many “gun households” either declined to answer such polls or were “magically” gun-free. (Amazing about that black hole in the basement, isn’t it?)

    And as to who the writer is? He’s a new grad (or nearly so) out of Syracuse with degrees in “journalism and political science”. I wouldn’t take bets on his having been in the Young Republicans on campus up there. 😛