Book Review- Gunny’s Rules…

I was asked to provide a review of Gunny’s Rules- How to get squared away like a Marine.


So…  I sat down and read it in one sitting… 🙂

I have met R. Lee Ermey, AKA Gunny, a couple of times; and I’m amazed by his ability to ALWAYS be ‘on’ when he is meeting the public.  Now having said that, he IS a Marine…

In other words he does use words that your momma would have boxed your ears for…

He defines the image of what we think a Marine Drill Instructor is, and I can tell you from experience at AOCS, he’s dead on…

He’s also rather obviously PRO-military and more specifically pro-Marine (after all he credits with the USMC with turning his life around).  The book combines part autobiography and part motivation into an interesting set of ‘rules’.  The bottom line is to help people in getting control of their lives and getting things “squared away”. The stories Gunny tells about his life, if you read between the lines there isn’t any sugarcoating, illustrate the principles he is trying to drive home.  He wasn’t a choir boy, has NEVER been one, he might have owned a choir or two…

He’s always taken care of self, family and most of all his troops.

Early in the book there is this quote- “For me, getting and holding a job has always been goal one in civilian life.  No matter what job I was holding, I was always looking for a better one… I’m a proud man, not a dependent.  I will still be providing fro my family long after I’m dead and gone.  Unemployment checks, welfare and food stamps won’t cut it, in my view.”  

He’s been up and down in his life, but the key point is he NEVER gave up, and that is what his rules do-  Get you squared away in life and motivated to keep moving forward, never giving up by preparing, going that extra mile, and reacting to ‘malfunctions’ in life…

To me the keys the Gunny brings to this are his honesty, bluntness, confidence and ability to get the point across.  None of what he says is really new, but the WAY it’s said and pointed directly at the reader through excellent examples is well worth it!

I don’t think those on the left will like the book, because it’s NOT politically correct; it talks openly about winning and losing, and how to be a winner.

Highly recommended, and just deepens my respect for the Gunny!

Yes, I was provided a copy of the book for review, but I will be paying for it, and giving it to my grandson for Christmas.  So there…


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  1. Heard him interviewed on a talk radio show I listen to recently. Totally lacking in political correctness, and totally spot on as to what a lot of our problems are.

  2. Good to hear. I ordered a copy for one of my co-workers who graduated from the University of Paris Island.

  3. I was the first in my family to join the Corps. Then my little brother did. Now my nephew ships on Jan 6th to MCRD San Diego. Thanks! Bought it on Amazon and he’ll get it for Christmas. Been debating on getting the book for myself, too.

  4. I met him at the clothing sails store at Withman AFB. I looked at him and said you’ll do and he smiled and said thank you and we went about our own business.

  5. R.Lee Ermey Rocks. I can’t tell you how many times I watched “Full Metal Jacket” Classic one liners from him in that movie.

  6. Reason number 2,618 why I could not have been a Marine. I could not keep a straight face when someone like Gunny was in my face. I laugh at what and how they say it every time. I would probable been beaten to death by the Gunny.

  7. I loves the “Gunny”. He just cuts through the crapola, beautifully! Now I have to put another book on my Amazon wish list. Everything he preaches, we are trying to instill into my children (it also helps that the Mrs. is a Navy Brat of a Sub Commander). No dependency is allowed, period.

  8. So how old will the grandson be when you give it to him, and when will you answer the questions that will come after he sees that isn’t what he is learning in school and from the media? Being who you are, I have every confidence you will hang around long enough to have passed on your own ideas.

  9. PH- He’s as bad as me, can’t spel politakal korrectnes…

    Gerry- He’ll like and probably get a laugh or three out of it!

    Tango- Thanks for leading, and it’s worth reading, IMHO

    Opus- Amen!

    Rev- Agree!!!

    Ed- Yep!

    Guffaw- I never asked, but can you imagine him hawking a 92???

    JUGM- Yep, the embodiment of a DI!!!

    CP- LOL, probably! Although I WILL tell you it’s a bit different when they are in ‘your’ face… Just sayin…

    Brighid- Yep, rough men doing that which protects us!

    Jim- Good!

    Eaarl- He turned 13 this month, and I’ll have a week to answer his questions, plus email and phone calls… 🙂

    Tim- ROTF, NO kidding!!! Sigh…

    Rick- Thanks, you’ll enjoy it!

  10. I’ve met him several times, and in ‘polite company’, he’s a fine gentleman.

    I bought the book a week or so ago but haven’t had time to read it, as I’m finishing up “The Last Ship”.

  11. I bought the book and read it too! It’s great reading. I would also recommend ‘It Doesn’t Take A Hero’ by Stormin’ Norman. That man saved my life with that book and I hope Gunny can do the same with his.