I’m late…

To the game, and honestly thought twice about putting this one up…

Others have put up posts on their shottys. like Brigid, Keads and Murph.

I’ve only got two shottys up here, and they are a Mossberg 590A1 and a Citori.


The Mossy (yeah, yeah, it ain’t an 870…) was set up about five years ago for three gun and home defense.  It has an original Surefire forend and yes, the bayonet lug has been filed off.  It also has an early Speedfeed buttstock.  They Citori is probably one of my ‘less’ prudent purchases, as those that know me know I absolutely SUCK at wing shooting…

But it was too good a price to pass up… sigh…

This sight picture works well for me at three gun, as I have an extremely BAD habit with rifle sights of actually trying to aim, and press the trigger… (And I really DON’T want to break those habits)…DSC00521

Although it’s not readily apparent in this picture, there is a considerable difference in the ‘pitch’ of the buttstocks and throw of the guns.  The Citori tends to more naturally point ‘up’ as a bird gun should.  The Speedfeed tends to point ‘level’ to slightly down, more of a tactical presentation in addition to allowing a similar ‘feel’ to an AR platform.  DSC00523

Why a Mossy?  Well, that is the shotgun that I have the most familiarity with, thanks to the military.  Also for me it’s ALL about muscle memory, and the safety on the Mossy falls more naturally to hand than the 870 safety does.  At oh-dark-30 the last thing I want to have to think about is whereinthehellisthesafety???

My standard loadout is Estate 00 Buck and Estate slugs for both home defense and 3 gun.  Why?  Because the Estate patterned at 4 inches, the best of the available buck out there. I learned early on in 3 gun NOT to try to game the system and shoot reduced recoil birdshot at the steels (unlike Terrible Tommy, who probably is STILL trying to play that game).  I also know the ‘safe’ backstops for home defense and where those rounds will not over penetrate.

That Mossy WILL punish you after a long day of 3 gun, especially when you’re going between buck and slugs, but it’s proven to be extremely reliable, and while it’s not the fastest gun on the line, I’m comfortable with it…

And if you want a good laugh at me, get me on a trap or skeet range… And watch me miss most of the #$%& birds because I’m trying to aim and press the trigger…



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  1. I too have a Mossberg and prefer the tang safety to the button safety of the 870. But the pistol grip does not lend itself well to the tang. I know this because my Mossberg is a Camper, a pistol grip sans buttstock 20 gauge. Otherwise, the tang safety goes right off when throwing to your shoulder, a natural motion.

    Not a hater of the Mossberg, I’ve had the magazine shell stop malfunction twice on my 870 and it was a pita pushing the shell back into magazine with loading gate blocking it. The open bottom of Mossberg – not a big deal at all.

  2. 870 versus a Mossberg is a toss up IMHO.
    For us lefties the tang safety is a plus but I have seen them break on two occasions. I don’t trust them so I don’t depend on them. I’ve worn out the extractors on 870 so both have issues.

    I started shooting shotguns and learned to watch the target not the sights. It took a while to learn to focus on the front sights of pistols. I’m pretty mediocre with a pistol because of that.

  3. j.r.- Heard that, I ‘like’ the tang safety too

    Gerry- LOL, I’m the exact opposite… And they ARE tools and parts do wear out…

  4. I got my 870, but I’m saving up for a Kel Tec KSG, for defense, because of the 15 round capacity. Plus general coolness. Lots of good choices out there these days.

  5. Another +1 for the Mossberg over the Remington, for the exact reason JR said, with one minor difference; I’ve seen (and done) this failure, not from a broken magazine catch, but from a stress drill and not fully inserting the shell into the magazine. The fact that it’s possible to lock the gun up at the -worst- possible moment led me to look at the Mossberg, which simply spits the partly-fed shell out on the ground, instead of between the lifter and bolt.

    By the by, NFO, your 590 could be a near-twin to mine, save for the sights and stock. Mine’s got a Knox recoil-reducer, but I’m seriously considering a speed-feed. And I don’t have -any- sights on mine. 😛

  6. 21″ 870 turky gun with magpul furniture for social work, model 1100 special field for back yard skeet and birds, like we have any birds left in missouri after the MDC releasted bobcats and turkeys in my area.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I guess I will have to drag out my shotguns, I have 2 of them and one of them is a remington 870. The other is my Czech shotgun I bought back when I was skeetmaster at the rod and bottle er I mean gun when I was stationed in Germany in the late 80’s. I consider both the mossberg and remington the same, just personal preference and there is nothing like an old fashioned pump.

  8. Better late than never.

    The shotgun in my closet is a 12 gauge side by side double with open hammers, generally referred to as a coach gun. It’s made by Stoeger. I’m satisfied with it.

    My deal is that it’s the safest shotgun you can buy, and it’s easy to operate. Load – load, cock – cock, aim, be certain of target and what lies behind it, shout warning (I will air you OUT [email protected]#$%^[email protected]#$%r!!), blam – blam.

    I wouldn’t think there would be a need to repeat the process, but if there is, it’s still simple. Yes, it takes longer to load, but I’m playing the odds here. That extra time will give the potential intruder time to identify herself as Main Lady’s sister who has just [email protected]#$ked up the toilet in the upstairs bathroom and who now has concluded that someone should do something about the three inches of water on the floor which is trying to find the lowest point in the house.

    So, I’ll pass the shotgun to Main Lady while I get the shop vac. Maybe I’ll hear a blam – blam anyway.

    My second choice would be an autoloader. Being able to put eight shots down range as fast as I can pull the trigger is appealing to me.

  9. And, while I’m thinking about it, when are you headed out to the skeet field? What with one thing and another, I’m feeling a little depressed and I’d like to feel better about myself.

  10. Got the twin to your Citori and a 870 w/18.5″ pipe.
    There is a few other scatterguns around here somewhere.

  11. CW- Good point, LOTS of choices…

    Kermit- That IS a good point, it does just dump the round! And I gotta check into that Knox recoil reducer… 12GA and three shoulder separations don’t get along well… sigh

    Ed- Lots of folks seem to like those 1100s for bird/skeet. Too bad I really suck at that.

    Bob- Remind me NOT to shoot skeet with you… 🙂

    Rick- It’s a tool, but set up the way ‘I’ like it. YMMV… 🙂

    MJ- Lots of folks shoot those in SASS, and understand your ‘way’ of handling things too! 😀 Re the second- ;-P

    Skip- It’s a great gun, I just can’t do it justice… sigh

  12. The Knox recoil reducer works quite well. The only problem with it is that it screws with your cheek weld something fierce; I have the one with the adjustable M4-style stock, and it doesn’t let me get a decent weld. Since you’ve got sights on your gun, raising the sighting plane a bit from a “normal” shotgun anyway, adjusting shouldn’t be as much of a problem for you as it was me.

    I’m actually thinking of going the other way entirely with mine, and putting the Speedfeed with twin 2-round tubes and no pistol grip whatsoever on mine, partly to regain that “traditional” shotgun feeling, and partly because a shottie that carries 8+6+1 on-board isn’t heavy enough. 😛

  13. Kermit- Thanks! I hadn’t thought about it ‘that’ way… I’m probably just going to stay where I am with it. I like the pistol grip for one hand control.

    j.r.- No problem, and the ONLY issue I have with what he did is controlling the flash. I like the capability to control on /off without having to move my hand. But having said that his idea is a LOT cheaper and just as functional!!! Thanks!