On the way home last night, heard a radio interview with what I can ONLY classify as a Healthnazi TM

She was prattling on about the need to NOT eat holiday foods and how to minimize weight gain. Among other things, eat a salad before you go to the Christmas party, drink only water or juice, no desserts PERIOD (five minute digression on how bad dessert is for you).

She went on to say if you are ‘lucky’ enough to be providing the Christmas ‘feast’, you should make it meatless and dessertless. Serve ONLY, ONLY heart and body healthy greens, nuts and fruits, and no eggnog (and she actually said “Oh gag.” when talking about eggnog).

And only serve water or fresh juices in moderation…

The announcer/interviewer finally got a word in edgewise and asked, “What about the family that expects a traditional meal?”

Her answer was basically you should tell them you ‘care’ about their health and this is ‘good’ for them…

She then went into what I can only describe as a diatribe against traditional meals, and how if you ‘must’ visit relatives, drink lots of water, get the minimum of greens and ignore everything else…

O.M.G… They are out there, and they really believe this stuff…

OH yeah, and she was also on a roll about exercise, three times a week minimum, one-two hours per day to ‘rid’ the body of all those ‘poisons’ you ate over the holiday…

Me? Hell, I’m going to eat, drink and be merry! If I put a pound or three on, who frikkin cares…


Edit- Sorry, apparently comments got turned off somehow… Now fixed.


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  1. Mmm. Wheat grass.
    Said no one ever.
    I plan to eat all the things. Healthnazi can kiss my firm, perky ass.

  2. Living Well, or in this case, Eating Well is the best form of revenge.

    Any bets this health nut actually practices what she preaches and thus has an allegedly morally superior but tastefully inferior and unfulfilled life?

    Or is she like the Obamas, preaching healthy lifestyles and restraint on eating tasty food while covering their table with 9 kinds of pie for dessert?

    Your bet as to which category she fits into.

  3. It’s the holidays – it’s OKAY to eat cheesecake and pancakes and sausage on a stick for breakfast. If you gain a few pounds, do what I do – live off of diet pills and shower water for the month of January – you’ll be FINE!

    If I served dried kumquat seeds, almond milk-kale smoothies, and steamed arugula for Christmas dinner – none of my relatives would show up.

    On second thought….

  4. Yup; Prime rib so rare it flinches when you put a fork in. Mashed taters and gravy, yorkshire pudding, yum yum, mince meat pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie with ice cream,and be thankful to the Good Lord that we have it to share. O.K. O.K. We will have a big green salad buy with lots of ranch dressing..
    Merry Christmas to you and all yours, wishing the Best for the new year, health and happiness .
    Keep the shiny side up and the oily side down.

    Old Richard

    • +1!

      That was our Christmas dinner. Even better than Thanksgiving
      Let us add a few adult beverages and toast the food Nazi a merry what ever.

  5. You pay consequences for the food choices you make.
    But they’re YOUR consequences…

    Eat ‘healthfully’, live long…fine.
    Eat with joy, those things you enjoy. You might not live as long, but, you’ll be happy!



    I suspect I will disappoint the lady . . .

  7. Healthnazi, arn’t these people the same ones that want to set up death panels so all us babyboomers don’t use up all the social security and medicare.

  8. Dear healthnazi,

    NO, I won’t.

    Freedom comes with great responsibility. What I eat is
    a matter of my freedom and my responsibility. MYOB!

    Now, deal with it!


  9. Murph- Heard that!

    Dammit- Nope! 🙂

    FM- You sharing??? 🙂

    Ed- Yep, that they are!

    WSF- Good point!

    Eck- Concur!

  10. What Ms. Food Nazi fails to factor into the equation is the quality of life issue. Yes, overall health is important, but if it can only be achieved through dietetic misery, then it is not worth the effort, due to a decrease in quality of life for theoretic quantity of life.

    She can go jump in a lake.

  11. Eat like Scrooge and have no fun at Christmas?
    Bah Humbug, I say.

    We have a big party with lot of Scandinavian treats.
    Mead will be included for selected people this year.

    Read it and weep, health loon.

  12. I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In England’s green & pleasant Land

  13. Yet another lefty trying to force their beliefs upon others.

    Somehow they don’t seem to understand, “I” make my own decisions. Not them.

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  15. Hey Old NFO;

    I would tell the old bitty to mind her own business. But that explains the average attitude of the average leftist. They know what is *best* for us. And if we would just do what the leftist want, we would arrive at the socialist utopia that they have envisioned. Screw that….We as grownups make our own choice. Not have some busybody make it for us.

  16. You can have my swedish meatballs when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

    I recognize that my diet and exercise habits aren’t that great during the holidays, but that’s what January is for.