The PC police strike again…

It appears Phil Robertson has been kicked to the curb by A&E…

“Duck Dynasty” dad Phil Robertson has been placed on indefinite suspension by the A&E Network following his recent comments on homosexuality, the network announced Wednesday night.

“We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty,” the network said in a statement.

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You can go HERE and read what Phil said in the article…

Sooo… He didn’t toe the PC line, and A&E was already upset about their open Christianity, didn’t like the fact that they openly prayed, etc…

He said what he believes, and since he happens to back it up with the Bible, they’re kicking him to the curb. I will note too, that Phil has a live and let live philosophy…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rest of the family walk in support of Phil…

Another point, they don’t really NEED A&E, they already had a thriving business, just landed a huge contract with WalMart, and I’m pretty sure the family as a whole would much rather have their privacy back…

Hell, they’re just good ol’ boys (and girls), and I have to applaud Phil for telling the truth as he believes it, rather than mealymouthing to ‘protect’ the show…

Your thoughts???


The PC police strike again… — 27 Comments

  1. I agree with Phil. AND I’ll never make it in Hollywood.

    How can you sit on a beach, surrounded by bikini clad women and look at some guy walking past with his hairy ass and say, “now that’s for me?” If every man on the planet was bent on being homosexual, the human race would be dead within a hundred years and that would be that.

  2. WSF- Yep…

    Murph- Agreed!

    LL- Point, but I also agree with Phil. Live and let live just don’t try to ‘impose’ your beliefs on me…

  3. Heck, I suspect this will be worth a 10-15% increase in sales, just to support the family. The left truly has no idea how out of touch they really are.

  4. DD is kinda *meh* for me but so what. It’s just one of a thousand shows I don’t watch. However I think the network is wrong for bowing to PC and putting whoever in the deep freeze. As popular as they apparently are, I doubt they need the network anymore. I hope the rest of the family walk in solidarity.

    Heck, I don’t hunt but I suddenly feel the need to buy a duck call. Mebbe I can use it on the sporting clays course in place of “PULL!”.

  5. Rev- Yep!

    Bill- Good point!

    Danno- Actually ‘I’ don’t watch it either…LOL I’m on the road too much… And they DO make a quality call!

  6. I’d be interested in seeing a shareholder’s lawsuit against the company that owns A&E. The company has a fiduciary duty to the shareholders, and if they are making decisions that lower the value of the company (based on philosophical/political positions), then the Board of Directors are individually and collectively liable for the loss in value.

    I don’t see how A&E comes out ahead in this scenario.

  7. I hope they all walk from A&E. There are networks out there that would grab them up in a heartbeat. A&E has done nothing but hound then for praying before meals, christian beliefs, etc. They are the #1 cable show in history for a reason.

  8. I hope the entire family walks with him,they don’t need this show but A&E does and I hope it hurts A&E in a big way.

  9. I personally think it’d be utterly awesome if they walk, and offer the show to a different network. I know the publishing and media industries are full of people who value their religion (socialism, the only religion that insists it isn’t one) over business or reality – it’s always nice to see people decide kissing hind end and paying their game isn’t worth it. Especially when they walk away, still put out their product, and make a good living by doing so!

  10. I think that Phil was way too honest for A&E, but that is a good thing. There are too many cowards in the world already, they hide behind Political Correctness or artful ill gotten gains are good for me, who cares about you? I guess I missed all the earlier episodes, and the current ones because A&E doesn’t have my kind of programming, what does that tell you?

  11. A&E just stepped on their dick.
    I don’t watch anything on the tube ‘cept live sports, but I will buy a duck call.

  12. Phil only voiced his preference and his beliefs. Since when can he not do that? A&E has crossed the line by trying to intimidate the Robertson family and I hope they all decide to walk away.

  13. I agree with the above – the man was asked a question, he answered it – whats the big deal? Is expressing an opinion wrong now – apparently it is, at least if it doesn’t fit the networks’s view.

  14. They hired the family FOR their values. Now they want to fire him for the same thing. WTF? Does A&E stand for A$$hole & Epiglottis now?

  15. What amazes me most about this story is that so many people are shocked that an old school, redneck,conservative, Christian has those beliefs about gays in general. I’d have been much more suprised if he said he was perfectly ok with it.
    I’d almost be willing to bet that the writer knew exactly what was going to happen when the aricle came out and got a nice bonus from all the publicity the magazine has gotten.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head there…their problem with him was that he was white, male, conservative, Christian! His opinion about homosexuality, if it came from someone who was otherwise liberal/progressive/atheist would just make the person more “interesting”, and a “lightning rod for controversy”, but no reason to get rid of him…pure bigotry(on the part of A&E)in my opinion…

  16. Who cares? This guy can think whatever he wants and it just so happens he doesn’t agree with homosexuality. I thought it was a “reality” show? Aren’t his personal views, his reality? Also, how does the opinion of one person cause so much harm and offense on other people? Personally, I disgaree with him – but that’s my opinion. See? We all get to have one!!! 🙂 A&E can clutch their pearls all they want – they’re just covering their backsides.

  17. Overheard at A&E…. “We did this because we were getting letters”

    “Well, now you are going to get more”

  18. The tolerance folks once again demonstrate how intolerant they are.

  19. I support Phil 100% if they did not want his answer then he should not have been asked the question.

    I hope the entire family walks off. Duck Dynasty is the HIGHEST rated show, and any other channel would love to have those ratings..
    I worry next that sponsors like Walmart will pull their items off the shelves, much like they did with Paula Deen.

  20. A&E was afraid they’d lose viewers if they didn’t.
    A&E choose poorly. They’re now losing far more.
    Remember, don’t buy “Duck Dynasty” branded products. That name belongs to A&E. Purchase “Duck Commander”, products.
    That name belongs to the Robinsons.