Frikkin assholes…

Once again the military (specifically retired military) has been thrown under the bus by this administration and the @#$%^ congresscritters…

This does NOT start with new inductees, it is going to apply immediately in 2014 to all current active duty and retired military (including those retired with disabilities) under aged 62.

A provision cutting the pensions of military retirees in the bipartisan budget deal that the Senate will vote on this week does not exempt disabled veterans, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Disabled retirees were previously thought to be exempt from the changes to military retiree pay, which could cost servicemembers up to $124,000 over a 20-year period.

Read the whole steaming pile of [email protected]#% HERE.

This is on top of the administration trying to dump us out of TRICARE and force us to get obummercare insurance (Thankfully that got killed), and the latest stated goal of closing all the commissary’s…

This is just flat unconscionable…

Military retirements are not THAT large. I retired as an officer (O3E) after 22 years at 55%, and my retirement is a little over $30,000 a year.  That is chicken feed!  I could actually get more on welfare than that…

It’s no wonder we all have to go get jobs after we retire…

I’m gonna quit before I start using four letter words, but I’ll say this.  If you were looking at going in the military, DON’T!  If you were looking at one of your kids going in, DON’T…

If you are a retired vet, or know one, please, PLEASE raise holy hell with your congresscritters while they are home on their Christmas break.  

HERE is the official link to find out who is ‘representing’ you… Or not…


Frikkin assholes… — 21 Comments

  1. There is a rage that burns at the unrighteous activity of this government.
    I don’t see another march on Washington over military pension issues.
    The last one didn’t go so well.
    Something’s gotta be done.

  2. I agree, if anybody has earned benefits, its the military fighting force. Especially the people who were serving since 9/11 – they’ve paid and then some!

    I was talking to my Uncle last night about this and he remarked offhand the same thought as you – WHAT PERSON WOULD WANT TO ENLIST IN THE MILITARY NOW ?

    • Darn – didn’t finish the thought above.

      Maybe that IS the intent – to intentionally remove the U.S. military from the map, and instead have a U.N. type of military force the norm.

      Crazy tin foil hat talk, but ???

      • I have been thinking the same thing. What better way to strip Americas military than to stop people wanting to join. Then they could institute a draft for the UN military.

  3. Two points that came to mind as I read about this.

    1)Saving 6 Billion over 10 years. Really??? Isn’t that about 2 days interest on the National Debt?

    2)Rather take 6 Billion from Veterans who haven’t done anything to deserve their pensions, instead of 4.3 Billion from Illegal Aliens who clearly deserve every dime we can possibly give them and more.

    I’m going with my Voting Rubric. I’m not voting for a Democrat, an incumbent or an unopposed candidate. Throw every last one of them out.

  4. “I’m gonna quit before I start using four letter words”

    Out of respect, won’t say anything, as four letter words are the only ones that come to mind.

  5. “If you like your Tricare, you can keep your Tricare. PERIOD.”

    “If you earned your pension, you can keep your pension. PERIOD.”

    Hope and change baby! It’s part of fundamentally transforming America.

  6. I will fire off another polite but succinct letter to my congress-critter…It is bad when I can almost write the address from memory. I am old school…I will drop letters..not emails. They mean more.

  7. Let’s remember, too, that the legislation is a product of BOTH political parties. We have been sold down the river by ALL of them. I’ve already written to my bastards in DC pointing out that in addition to being labeled as a terrorist I am now also judged to be less worthy after 29+ years of active service than one who stealthily enters the country illegally and does NOTHING for the country’s defense. Message received. Clearly. And it will not be forgotten.

  8. I liked my military career, but then I liked the country I left to go and serve. Sure Mom started getting a little strange about the government goodness and political correctness, but Dad was still a conservative, hard working WWII veteran, Christian man… I liked being a Drill Sergeant, First Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major and understood to do it right, to win on the battlefield I was not going to be loved by the folks that wanted the boss to look good, or to not make waves or just don’t report it… But then, the government never issued good sense nor courage, that came with real leadership in my life and career. When you say don’t go and serve now, it is only because the country isn’t worth defending, the leadership is lost and hasn’t a clue, and the organization has lost its soul and sole reason for existence – the Duty, Honor and mostly the Country.

  9. Bob- I did that on the airplane last night, will mail it today!

    BobF- Understood and agreed!

    Rick- Feel for ya…

    Earl- Exactly my point. OUR patriotism counted for something and we knew the country had our backs (more or less)… Today, just another bump in the road, and what does it matter if our military folks die…

  10. My daughter has been talking about wanting to follow the family tradition and go into the military. My strategy has been to emphasize the need to get college out of the way first, then go into the military for a couple of years. I’m actively discouraging thoughts of making a career out of it. I’ve seen too many people who gave up their youth and health to put in 20+ years, or got hurt and put out, who are now having to scrape by.

  11. I asked Richard Burr and Kay Hagen if they were only taking a 1% raise this year to show solidarity with the vets.

    So far neither of them have bothered to answer.