That military retiree pay cut???

Yeah, the congresscritters said they’d get right on that…

Sure, sure…

It’s another one that has ‘dropped off the radar’…

The only thing I’ve seen since the 27th is THIS drivel from NRO…

And the true fact is military personnel costs are STILL less than what they were in 1990 (25% in 2013 according to MOAA).

This letter is circulating on the mil-email net, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes to pass.  It does pretty much say what most of us feel the critters DO think about us…

Dear Service Member,

Your voice doesn’t matter to me. Your service doesn’t matter to me. The promise made with your oath doesn’t matter to me. You don’t matter.

You are expendable.

Your physical and mental wounds of war do not matter. Your marriages lost, do not matter. Your childhoods missed, do not matter.

You cannot organize and protest so your voices will remain small. You cannot lobby and pull favors so there is nothing you can give to make me see your way.

This nation is tired of you. Tired of the decade of war that they don’t understand and that we decided for you.

You are subpar. You are below. You are the easiest cut.

To take away twenty percent of a retirement that you have worked and bled for and entered into your service (and retired from) being promised, is easier than giving up my own full pension that I receive after serving just a day in my seat. My work matters more than yours. It is my job to demand where you go, when you leave, if your life will be put on the line each day. That is such difficult work. To decide to send fathers and sons, mothers and daughters to a war zone is far more trying than to actually live through war.

To have to decide to reduce the Cost-of-Living-Allowance of a Soldier who has lost his limbs because I am too scared and too selfish to rethink the corruption and abuse existing in every single entitlement program in this nation, well … surely that must be as difficult as having a propelled grenade blow off my lower extremities, if not more. I’ve earned my full pension. I’ve earned my full pension by deciding what we take from you. I’ve earned my full pension by sending you into two wars, by sending you on that mission, by putting you in the place of that explosion. Voting for that was worthy of my benefits, following that order was not worthy of yours.

I’ve earned my money.

It’s hard work. Hard choices. I’ve earned my four-week paid vacation while you prepare for your fourth twelve-month tour. Legislating is tiring work.

Your one percent vote won’t pull me from this seat. Your one percent vote won’t change my mind. Because you are expendable and the easiest section to take from. It’s simple politics.

You have chosen to take an oath and to follow a code that restricts you from speaking against me. Even with that, you are the quality of people that it is easy to take advantage of. You give beyond self. You serve in a way that most people cannot fathom. It’s easiest to take from that selflessness. Your voice does not matter. The promise I made to you – any promise I make to you – is nothing more than words that sound good, that will rally anyone belonging to the ninety-nine percent that does matter. My promises hold as much value as I hold for you.


You cannot refuse to show up for work tomorrow while you picket outside the building, the FOB, the secret location in the mountains of Afghanistan. You cannot negotiate and demand and hold up this nation’s current war while we try to see eye to eye.

You don’t matter. We don’t care. “Embrace the suck” and get back to work.


The United States Congress

h/t JP, Frito, Snake and others…

Edit- Email from Flake-

Congress is debating a 3 month unemployment extension for $6 billion. Isn’t that the same cost as the “savings” over 10 years for the military retiree COLA reductions. What a shame that we are looking to move 10 years worth of earned benefits, from people who have sacrificed, who we had a commitment to and dump that same amount on people who are not working?  WTF???


That military retiree pay cut??? — 15 Comments

  1. With the DoD budget I could cut many many things and not touch readiness/operations, procurement, and pensions. I could cut my agency’s budget, in the 25-33% range, and our “mission” would still be met without any interruption. DC is one party rule, and unfortunately many of us (American Citizens) are not a part of that party.

  2. So much money going to the illegals, the refusalemployed, financing our enemies, yet this administration goes to the part that hurts and punishes conservatives and independents for not agreeing with Obie. Changes must be made in 2016.

  3. Unfortunately, this budget cut process is following the same model as the one in the 1970’s and 1990’s.

    There are times I regret not staying in for the full 20+, but those times are becoming rarer and rarer. In fact, I’ve stopped telling my children how the military makes a good career, and gone over to the “It’s a good place to get your start in life” theme with them when they bring up joining.

    And there was a time when a sense of honor kept Congress from taking from those who have given so much. Unfortunately, that seems to have died along with their sense of shame.

  4. When Congress no longer feeds the military, it’s buying into the socialist/communist claptrap and must be voted out, period!
    Lest we become N. Korea West…


  5. DaddyBear put my thoughts into words.

    Especially the last paragraph:

    “…there was a time when a sense of honor kept Congress from taking from those who have given so much. Unfortunately, that seems to have died along with their sense of shame.”

  6. Even the most loyal and obedient guard dog will turn on its master if it gets abused enough….

  7. Larry/WSF- Yep…

    Jim- Dead on!

    CP- Agree!

    Rev- And THAT is sad…

    DB/Tim/PH- Good points!

    Gfa- Yep!

    Dirk- I ‘think’ they believe it will never happen…

    CA73- That it does… And Gates book backs that up!

  8. +1 Dirk

    No matter the disrespect for our veterans, many Americans still Love and Support our veterans.

    That holds very true in the Street household.

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